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Sphynx Posts: 6795
Girls there are lots of us having our very first scans (12 weeks) or early scans (after miscarriage last time or bleeding this time) over the next couple of weeks. Please keep us all in mind and send out all the good vibes you can! Please god we'll all get good results and cute pics to bring home/post here. Think I'm first up on Monday morning with my early scan at 9 wks. I'll be climbing the walls until then and expecting to get very upset just at being anywhere near an ultrasound machine after what happened last time. Hope there will be happy tears too. Here's to lots of happy scans for all!
luigi Posts: 867
O-O Happy scans for everyone O-O :stork: :stork: :stork: :stork: :stork: :stork: :baby3: :baby3: :baby3: :baby3:
Christmas B Posts: 6191
Best of luck Sphynx for Monday!!!!! :baby3: Happy scans to all!!!!! :baby3: :stork: :stork: :stork: :stork: :stork: :stork: :stork:
Mamaria Posts: 224
Happy scans all the way!! :o)ll Sending all good vibes your way -and to all due a scan in the near future O-O
Tigletts Posts: 2904
Awww Sphynx :xxx Mine's on Friday :o)ll Swiss Girl is on Thursday I think and I believe Anastasia's on Friday also Luck to us all :wv :xxx
Miki Posts: 309
girls best of luck, i'll keep my fingers crossed for you all. I know its an emotional time!
mama sugar Posts: 1387
best of luck will be fine you will see your little bean enjoy it will keep you in my prayers x
MRSWJ Posts: 540
Good luck girls. I just want to say best of luck to MRS KP who has her first scan today :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :wv
Angel2 Posts: 787
Good luck to all you girlies having your scans over the next week. Sending you lots of positive vibes. Hope it all goes well. :thnk
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Mine is on Thursday alright! Less than a week, the count down has been forever! Really excited. Blackcat/Sphynx roughly around the same time period as you 9 wks but scan should confirm or change that. So excited. I hope all our scans are happy ones. Please post and let us know how it went. x sg