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SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
We have 1 DD who will be 3 in October.. fingers crossed everything goes ok with pregnancy which would have baby due in mid April. How early should we tell her & how should we go about telling her?? She is a great little girl but does suffer from major jealously if I hold another baby so just want to make it as easy as possible for her..
honeybunch Posts: 1218
Hi Sparkly, It's a bit quiet here this morning so I may aswell give you my twopence worth. I think the sooner you tell her the better so that she has time to get used to it. At the start, maybe make it about her, i.e. we're going to get you a little brother of sister, instead of Mammy is having a baby. As time goes on, you can explain that Mammy has to grow the brother/sister in her belly and all that stuff. I could be way off the mark now but I think that's how I would handle it. :wv
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
We told out lo when i was 12 weeks she had just turned two. she knows baby is in my tummy so gives the baby a kiss (my tummy) goodnight when she is going to bed. I dont think she really understands though. We got a present to give to her from the baby also when baby comes.when the baby comes we are going to try and not make it all about the new baby and set aside time during the day just for me and her and her daddy and her and hopefully all 3 of us when the baby is asleep. I have also told family members when they are coming to visit to make sure and pay dd lots of attention first before looking at the baby. I dont know if this will work but its what we are going to try ill let you know in a few weeks if it works.
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
My DS is 4 in October, he asked Santa for a little brother or sis last xmas, so we knew he would look forward to a new arrival. We told him the baby would pop out of mummys tummy when the tummy is REALLY big. So every few days he examines my tummy to see if its big enough. We told him after the 12 weeks scan, and each morning he kisses my tummy to say good morning, and the same each night. He even lies his head on my tummy to feel the baby kick while he is watching TV. We found out the sex at 22 weeks, and gave baby a name, so DS knows there is another boy on the way, and now calls him by his name rather than saying "baby". I've also brought him to every appointment and scan, to keep him involved. He seems really well prepared, so far. Hopefully he will be ok when baby arrives.