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Mistified Posts: 2680
I don't agree with Susan's arrogant approach to the whole debate between parents working in the home or going out to work, but I don't think it's right to suggest that stay at home parents are watching the TV all day long. In fact that suggestion makes me really angry. I work a 10 hour day in an office but have nothing but the highest respect for those who chose to raise their own children in their own homes. I think it is the right choice to make if you are in the position to do it. I think people whose only reason not to raise their own children at home purely because of their careers are very selfish. Children deserve to come first, not second. Going out to earn money may be putting your children first if you need to do it to survive. If you are fortunate enough not to have to have to do that to survive then putting them first is trading in your career for your time. I believe all children under school-going age get the best start in life if one of their parents is at home with them if at all possible. This is not to say that children don't benefit hugely also from the interaction in a creche or in a pre-school. Ideally I think a mixture of both of the above is the ideal. Bear in mind I refer only to those people who have a choice i.e. financially can afford to drop one salary. I also am saddened by the people whom suggest that they would be bored stiff at home all day. This sound so selfish to me. Children benefit from stimulation and stay at home parents can be excellent educaters by involving small children in household tasks, or playing games with them. Watching the progression and development of your own children, as a result of your encouragement and time spent with them is something I would find hard to believe is boring.
Mrs Moo Posts: 440
[quote:4kl9mby4]Thanks Jane, yes, I'm so lucky, she's a great sleeper God bless her. Sleeps all night and loves a good 2.5 hours in the afternoon. So contented. but then we do so much every day, go different places, and meet people that she is tired out. [/quote:4kl9mby4] [b:4kl9mby4]Actually I reckon she sleeps so much because you bore the t*ts off her with your incessant drivelling and ranting[/b:4kl9mby4] [img:4kl9mby4][/img:4kl9mby4]
SusanD Posts: 110
I'm sure the parents of all those children in the 80% of creches thought they'd done their research too Jane!! Or are you suggesting they were all neglectful parents???? As for my daughter going to school, at least I'll have given her the best possible start and taken time (years) to find the best possible school, not bundled the poor thing off practicly as soon as she was born. Also if there is an issue with how she is being treated at school, at least she can come homw and articulate it to me - not many babies can do that.
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
[quote:37mc0d9n][quote:37mc0d9n]Thanks Jane, yes, I'm so lucky, she's a great sleeper God bless her. Sleeps all night and loves a good 2.5 hours in the afternoon. So contented. but then we do so much every day, go different places, and meet people that she is tired out. [/quote:37mc0d9n] [b:37mc0d9n]Actually I reckon she sleeps so much because you bore the t*ts off her with your incessant drivelling and ranting[/b:37mc0d9n] [img:37mc0d9n][/img:37mc0d9n][/quote:37mc0d9n] Loving your work and pics Mrs Moo :wink:
SusanD Posts: 110
Mystified, its interesting, that is virtually word for word is what I said the first time I posted on this issue some months back - I too constantly say that I'm not talking about those on low incomes, single parents etc. Don't expect a rapterous round of applause from the ladies though... the very idea that some of them give up their precious careers to put their children first for a couple of years has them spinning into space!!! They think nothing of giving out to me about the amount of time I 'waste' online, yet, it is my time to waste, I am not being paid by a boss to WORK rather than chat online all day. All I said was that one or other parent in the home with the baby for the first two years is the Better choice for the child. After two, all babies benefit from some playschool a couple of hours a day, during the week. The research has backed this up....... You may not agree with how I say things but they can give as good as they can get!!!
Soho Posts: 182
You're very tiresome Susan. Your poor daughter is probably only dying to get away from you and will in teenage years rebel against you trying to be her best friend and smothering her because the only life you have is one revolved around her and if you are not with her you are talking about her to people who think you are the most boring person on earth! Your friends must cringe when you open your big gob to discuss once again you childs daily routine and wonder what kind of life you have.
SusanD Posts: 110
See Mystified.... they don't debate the topic, just throw insults!!! Afraid to debate. Sad really.
Jane 06 Posts: 114
Susan, Firstly, I am saying that it is the parents responsibility to research childcare facilities. I began checking them out the moment I found out I was expecting and certainly did not "bundle her off as soon as she was born". I had four and a half years to research the schools that I would consider sending her to and made an educated decision. I do also consider the experience of the teacher who has had many years of experience and training, invaluable and would trust it 100%. You obviously consider yourself more of an expert in child development and I feel sorry for you because this could cause some serious problems in later years. What happens if a teacher says something that you don't like regarding your dd's development or behaviour, will you ask her for written statistics to back it up?????????
Dcd Posts: 1471
Ok's what to do! All you working mammies are to go now to your bosses and say.. 'I won't be in work tomorrow or ever again because SusanD says my place is in the home with my child' Then go to your creches.. tell them you're pulling your kids out to look after them yourselves. Now.. between the Tax you WON'T be paying, and the roll you won't be filling your bosses business and the economy are going to suffer. Not only that.. but the creches will probably go out of business which means their staff are out of work and no longer paying taxes so again the economy will suffer. Then when paye and prsi go up along with interest rates and unemployment.. you can all just say 'But SusanD said!!!!' Look, I'm a SAHM, and I don't sit at home watching TV all day, just happened to be at a lose end today, but neither SusanD nor anyone else has a right to tell YOU that what you're doing is NOT best for YOUR child!
SusanD Posts: 110
So Jane, are you saying the parents of the 80% were neglectful???? All of those parents, didn't spot what you did???? As for what would I do if a teacher told me something regarding my daughers development or behaviour... I'd definitely get a second opinion - that is just common sense. I don't take what ANYONE says about anything at face value. But if multiple opinions came back with the same answer then I'd take the action they advised.... Get the connection yet??? Multiple research and opinions are coming in saying that creches can be harmful to children and children do better in the home for the first couple of years... shoudln't you listen to them - I mean, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, its a duck Jane!