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Baby Tigger Posts: 3394
Suasn whats'your name, I normally wouldn't post a reply to such pure unadulterated crap but you have driven me to it. It's Friday evening, I am waiting patiently to go home and I have logged on to see what all the commotion is. All I can say is would you please put a sock in it and go back into your box. Jaysus what do you want us all to say - you're great and fair play to you for staying home with your child. Looking after your own child is hardly rocket science. I mean you are the one who decided to stay at home - nobody made you so just get on with it. There are millions of other mothers in the worls doing exactly the same as you but they don't come on here to blow their own trumpets and tell everyone how great they are. It seems to me sweetie that you regret giving up work and you're the one that's guilty. You are trying to justify your decision to stay at home by attempting to make anyone who puts their kids in a creche feel like they are neglectful. We all make decisions in our lives but we don't come on here and boast about how great we are - we just get on with it and thats what you should do too. So go back to watching Judge Judy or whoever is on at this hour of the evening - and let the rest of us who have worked hard all week relax, unwind and prepare for the weekend in peace.
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
Every mother has to do what is right for them and their child for some it is being a SAHM and others it is being a full or partime worker and a parent. They shouldn't have people standing up and telling them that there is only one way to do things. I admire all the mothers out there whatever choices they make. If a teacher makes a comment about SusanD's daughter who would she go to for a second opinion :wink:
Dcd Posts: 1471
I just checked Cocoa.. it is Judge Judy!
SusanD Posts: 110
Dcd, I tend to put my daughters welfare above the state of the economy. That's a major issue in this country, we are turning into an economy rather than a society. Family should come first not whenever we can fit it in... but that's probably just me. Cocoa, yep, you'd better pack up now and head into the traffic, friday evening and all that!! You must need to wind down, so stressful all that running around - I'm perfectly stress free so I may just stay around for a little while.
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
[quote:1906w3y7]I just checked Cocoa.. it is Judge Judy![/quote:1906w3y7] Could you imagine Judge Judy trying to deal with this subject, WOL v SusanD
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
Girls why are ye's bothering? Its so not worth it, research has also proven that a higher percentage of SATHM's are on anti-depressants than those who go out to work and are more inclined to suffer from obsessive compulsive disorders than those who go out to work and somehow I think SusanD might be in that category, if not she's heading that way. I have many friends in both camps and I'm a working mum. Only one of my SATHM friends would sound off like this to anyone that listened, she is always trying to make working mothers feel as if they are cruel and shouldn't be allowed have children, she has a jealousy problem with any female her husband works with and she's on prozac. Another of them spends her whole time at the dr.'s with medical complaints, different forms of cancer (5 different types in the last three years, all imaginary) requiring scans and lots of professional medical peoples time that could be used elsewhere. Thats two out of my SATHM's friends, none of my working friends seem to have any problems like these, that to me has to show something...... At the time my Daughter was born there was no way on this earth I could have stayed at home we were in so much debt so it was never a consideration. But anyone who has the option and wants to do it, good on you, nobody will slag you off and 99% of the time until a crackpot like this one appears we're all Mothers trying to do our best by our kids under whatever circumstances we live. Now I've just added to the one of Susan's worthless postings.
SandraM Posts: 1112
[quote:1v03ztm7] Cocoa, yep, you'd better pack up now and head into the traffic, friday evening and all that!! You must need to wind down, so stressful all that running around - I'm perfectly stress free so I may just stay around for a little while.[/quote:1v03ztm7] She doesn't have kids - nor does she have to battle through traffic. All in all, I'd say her life is a lot less stressful than yours actually.
Dcd Posts: 1471
Btw while you're there SusanD .. who are you on MM?
Jane 06 Posts: 114
Susan, you know what - I just feel extremely sorry for you now......... if your childs teacher makes a comment on her development or behaviour you would get a second opinion - from who????? I feel very sorry for teachers who study and dedicate their lives to educating our children if they have to deal with people like you.
SusanD Posts: 110
Miss hopeful (I'd do more than hope if I were you), obviously it would depend on the issue brought up by the teacher. If it was a behavioural problem, I'd probably have to get her assessed by a specialist... I'd feel sad for your children if you would take the word of a teacher that your child may have something like Autism for example. And actually, its Deal or no Deal :D