For brides who don't know whether to have a veil or not....

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Grunge Bride Posts: 2529's some advice. My dress was strapless and beautifully made to be flattering around the waist. I also had a lace bolero with tiny crystals. I was very happy with how the dress looked and really didn't know whether a veil was a good idea or not. Even the woman in the shop was wavering. In the end I got one as I thought it looked very traditional for the church. However, what I didn't realise was that in the photos, because the veil is coming down my back and is white, it obscured the flattering cut of the dress around my waist. I'm not as skinny as I'd like to be, so in the dress without the veil, the dress gave me a better shape. In the photos you can't really see the shape - if you can imagine, the dress is white and the veil is white, so that's all you can see. Whereas if I didn't have a veil, you'd see my waist as the dress is white and what's behind me is not. So if you are not as slim as you'd like to be, and don't have your heart set on a veil, perhaps you don't need one - especially if you have a bolero or wrap so your outfit isn't extremely plain and doesn't need the veil to "dress it up". Just thought I'd pass this on, as strangely enough this wasn't apparent in the shop but only noticeable in the photos. It didn't ruin the photos but I would have liked my waist to be more apparent!
mooky Posts: 1501
thanks for the tip grunge bride, i've been trying to decide on whether to have a veil or not... the back of my dress is very detailed and i'd like to show it off... also my dress is very flattering on the waist and i'm nowhere near a size 8, so i think you've now helped me make up my mind. thanks!
Milly83 Posts: 3620
Thanks Grunge Bride. I definately won't be getting a veil now. I am not wearing a bolero or anything but my dress has a lot of detail in it and gives me a great shape. I would like to lose a little more weight but don't think I will be able to. That's great advice. Thanks again! :o)ll
Mrs DD Posts: 177
Well done lady on the v honest and practical advice :xxs
MRS.Q Posts: 558
Wow great advice. I dont really want to wear a veil as my dress has lots of detail front and back and I just think it looks OTT!! On the other hand my mam and woman in the shop insist that my dress is a veil dress!!! I'm torn... I feel a bit like "nuns on the run" in the veil. I just dont think its me... but my mam wouldnt say it was fab if she didnt really think so... dont know what to do!!! O:|
shala Posts: 1733
Great advice, thanks *)
honeyec Posts: 969
Or you could wear a communion length veil! This is what I'm doing. The veil stops before the dress starts, if you know what I mean, so no detailing from the dress will be lost.
rainyday Posts: 609
Great advice, Grunge Bride! I'm one of those who can't decide whether or not I want a veil. Would never have thought of the veil obscuring the cut of the dress.
percy Posts: 307
Am in the middle of the veil/no veil dilemna! Lots of detail at the back of dress. Really not sure what to do
Dancing Bride Posts: 212
Thanks for the advice. Would never have thought of it that way. I have a pros and cons list to help me decide on a veil and that has just tipped the balance in favour of not wearing one. Thanks.