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honeybunch Posts: 1218
Hi girls, Just FYI, you have a choice to go to an outreach clinic instead of CUMH after your 20 week appointment. You then only go to CUMH for the delivery or in an emergency. I went to St. Finbarr's yesterday where they have a max of 20 patients for the clinic. There was one person ahead of me, a wait of maybe 15 mins. The service was second to none. I saw a midwife and also a doctor that can scan/examine you. Not everyone needs the doctor, but she is there anyway and there is no rushing you in and out. They were very good. I would recommend the service. Last time I was in CUMH I was there for 4 hours for a two minute appointment. If I had gone to CUMH yesterday I really don't think I would've seen a doctor which as it happened, I needed. Not to be knocking CUMH, the midwives there are run off their feet and do trojan work. I just felt like St. Finbarr's was a lot more personal. :wv
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
Just to add for those in the west you can also go to Bantry. Would not have known only my sister told me. I am having my 20 week appt ther so will let you know how I get on.