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Bourneidentity Posts: 265
Hi ladies, I just wondered, if you pay out 5000-6000 for IVF treatment and they fertilise & freeze a number of your embryos, do you have to pay another 5000-6000 euro to do Frozen embryo transfer after the first failed IVF cycle or if you were lucky enough to have a baby first time, then would you pay 5000-6000 to do FET for baby number 2??. I'm just wondering. Is an FET the same price as a "fresh" cycle?. Obviously the rewards are worth the money but it'd be nice to know how much I should budget. Thanks for your help.
CocoBeans Posts: 841
no, you don't! in the Hari it ranges from about 900 - 1400 from what I remember. There are possibly meds and bloods on top of this. You do have to pay for storage every year, it's about 300 in the Hari.
Bourneidentity Posts: 265
Thanks so much cocobeans, that does help greatly. Now just to get the money together for our first try! O:|
CocoBeans Posts: 841
Positive thinking Bourne! Hopefully you won't need a FET till baby no.2 :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:
amberjack Posts: 1273
As Cocobeans says, in Hari a frozen transfer is €900, if your snowbabies are day 2 or 3 day and you want to bring them to blast, it's an extra €500. You also have to factor in the EU bloods for storage which are €250 (€125 each) and meds are €120 with DP card and then another €120 if you get lucky and need to continue on with them. But definitely a lot cheaper and a lot easier going than a fresh cycle. I've just finished an FET and all going to plan, I'll have my second bundle of joy early August!
Bourneidentity Posts: 265
That's brilliant Amberjack, great news. It's great to hear about positive experiences. Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months. Cocobeans, you're right Positive thinking and I'm all for that but I want to be realistic aswell. No point going into ICSI treatment with blind faith that we'll be having a baby 9 months later. Of course I'm sure everything will go according to plan but nothing wrong with having a back up plan too :)
lookin4help2010 Posts: 505
Dowser amerjack go u- congrats again! I wanted to ask your advise if that's ok. I had a miracle baby boy I June the result of my first FET after miscarrying the fresh ivf pregnancy 3 months earlier. U know all the mega prep for ivf well I assume you don't have to go to same lengths as your not creating the egg/embryos per say as already done so my Q is how did you prep for your FET- I just can't really rem iykwim? Thanks and congrats again xxx