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Cherri Posts: 49
As my 30th birthday is fast approaching I'd love to hear how you celebrated yours?
MrsNov Posts: 446
Myself and DH were on hols in the US at the time, and when we arrived in Las Vegas to book into the hotel, the Wynn, he upgraded us to the top suite (about 3000 sq foot!) for the 3 night stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 bathrooms, a private massage room etc etc etc. It was like something out of Pretty Woman :o0 We drank champagne looking over the strip from the 26th floor and then headed off to a Cold Play concert in the MGM. I didnt have my friends with me for my 30th, but it was definetly the best birthday ever! Hope you enjoy yours!!
Layla20 Posts: 1089
Got engaged! H2B and i went away for the weekend and he proposed. went out with all my friends for a few drinks the weekend after. one of my friends had an 80s themed party, most of them have just gone for a meal and drinks.
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
DH brought me to Vegas for mine last year for a week, I only had to turn up at the airport with my suitcase, had loads booked for me including a meal in the stratoshpere and tickets to see the phantom ect.... oh we had a ball, would love to do it again this year :o0 :o0
springwife2010 Posts: 77
I was single at the time so my sister organised a party for me - had food and drinks - it was a great nite. I can't remember much of the end of the night.... :hic
Maxi-Babe Posts: 327
I gave birth to my DS on my 30th - not likely to forget that birthday in a hurry! :lvs
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Hi Cherri, I had my 30th in Oct, what a birthday, I'll never forget it. I'm not one for having parties or being the centre of attention but I actually organised a small fancy dress and I swear it was the best night I've had ever. I can't even remember having a proper drink because it was so much fun seeing everyone dressed up!!! H2b brought me to new york for a shopping spree. I've been before but it was so much nicer being with him and I got my present in tiffanys.... of course!!! Enjoy your birthday and my advice is DEF DO SOMETHING TO MARK IT O-O
s wife Posts: 1445
as my birthday is on the 6th of jan no-body ever has any money to do a thing but for my 30th hubby booked us into the Clarence hotel we went ice-skating had a lovely meal and very expensive cocktails then my mam but on a big family meal with my family and close friends ,have to say it was perfect
short n sweet Posts: 1802
Had a big party in the local rugby club - had just started going out with DH so it was a great way for him to meet all my friends!
mid-summer bride Posts: 175
Mine and Hubby's birthdays are only a few days apart so we had a party with all our families and friends. T'was a great night....