for the person who has everything-a gift idea...maybe??

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happybride2be Posts: 380
Hi everybody, I am just doing a bit of research, I love writing poems and messages and anything sappy like that, and was thinking of starting to write them for other people on request ( for a small charge) just wondering would anybody be interested in that kind of thing.. my ideas are for the likes of weddings/birthdays/valentines/ mothers day etc.. I would write and print personalised poems, (could also add nice little pictures to the page to fancy them up) people who wished could tell me a few special things about the person that the poem is for and I could try and include them in the poem etc... I have also done a few poems for funerals so this could also be an option for people. Sometimes it is hard to buy gifts for people especially thoughtful meaningful gifts and maybe something like this could have a market?? WOuld love to hear what you guys think.. and if I was to start writing in this way would any of you be interested.. thanks for reading. xx p.s I could also frame these poems for an extra charge if required.
mitzy Posts: 77
I think they are lovely, would be nice to get something for the parents .