for those ladies who have had more than one pregnancy

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Realtin Posts: 61
Hi ladies Just a quick (but stupid) question please!! Did your second pregnancy feel the same or different to the first? I had a m/c in dec and am hoping to try again. when my af was due the last time I just knew there was something cos my boobs were wierd and i was starving. how soon before af is due can you reliably test? R
theoracle Posts: 7664
I have had a pregnancy, then a m/c and am now expecting again. I didn't have much symptoms before testing positive, except a very heightened sense of smell! Every time it was different, but I kinda 'knew'. I tested positive 4 days before AF was due (had no patience!!), with early response test - v. faint line though!
jellybaby Posts: 2316
I've also had a pregnancy, mc, and now another pregnancy. Each time I had mostly the same symptoms at the same stage - example, had EWCM at 3/4dpo each time, had bad cramping (implantation) around 7dpo each time. On my first pg and this one (not on mc) I had a metallic taste in my mouth at 8 + 9dpo each time - so all in all, symptoms were the same for me. First time I tested at 11dpo (3 days before AF) and got a strong positive straight away. Second time I tested at 10dpo (4 days before AF) and got a very faint line. This time I tested at 9dpo (5 days before AF - you can see the pattern of testing earlier each time :o0) and got a faint (but definitely visible) positive. Best of luck *)
Realtin Posts: 61
thank you both for your replies r