Just thought this might be helpfull for some of you... I just went shopping today with my Sis whos due in July. I have the M&P pilko prammet and love it although there were a few things I had issue with. She was very keen to get the same one. But I made her shop around as I knew the questions to ask this time. M&P were brilliant and hava much better range this year than previous years. We first viewed the 8-in-1 one (can't remember name) and I was very impressed. It has seperate wheels - very light - and then a seperate carry cot which was fab. It also came with a stand so the idea is you can use it as a pram and also instead of a mossed basket - its much more sturdier and bigger. Then the car seat or buggy part cliponto the wheels and can face wither way. It is bulky though so would take up alot of room and you need somewhere to store the seperate pieces when not in use. But because my sister already has a mosses basket and wanted something like mine the very helpfull assistant showed us another version of the Prammette - the switch! Oh My God it has everything I wanted! Its eactly like the parmett in that it treansfers very quickly form pram to buggy, can use car seat and fold umprella style in one unit. But this also has a better pram part - more lined and comfier - and the entire seat part comes off the wheels so that you can face it either way (the one thing I hated about my buggy). This can also then have a raised backrest in the pram mode. Anyway here are the links - http://www.mamasandpapas.co.uk/product- ... 37/type-s/ http://www.mamasandpapas.co.uk/product- ... 00/type-i/