for those of you who didnt get SF vac, hav u changed ur mind

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Princess_Jess Posts: 445
ladies, i had originally decided not to get the swine flu jab... when i heard about the pregnant woman who dies (RIP) i got an awful fright. i feel sick to even think about it. now i have myself wondering why did i not get the jab in the 1st place. i am oing to speak with my gp on monday. have any of you who said you werent getting the jab.. have you changed your mind????
kala Posts: 1937
i was adamant up to over aweek ago that i wasn't until my gp rang me and told me about the seriously ill women in cumh so after a long hearty discussion with hubby and family members i decided it was best to get it. it wasn't the easiest decision but i feel more at ease now that i did. i have it now just over a week, waiting for full immunity to kick in. i don't have any regrets and i won't either God forbid if anything goes wrong with this pregnancy or something happens to my babba, cos i know in my heart its a decision i made with the best intrest at the time and what i thought was right and any way vaccine or no vaccine, things can still go wrong in a pregnancy, theres no garantee until you hold your baby in your hands- i hate being negative but its the truth and reality of life. i have a beautiful 15 month olds ds and hubby to think of.
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
I was very up and down about it for a long time.. I did a lot of research on it and was most relieved by studies that seemed to show that flu and/or flu vaccine doesn't usually cross the placenta. Also, I couldn't handle the paranoia anymore. I had virtually sat in the house since I started mat leave, because I am asthmatic too and often this is a bad time of year, which made me even MORE gippy about it than a lot of people who have posted about it on here. I had Pandemrix (as that is all that's on offer here in the UK, really) which offers some immediate immunity, with full immunity after two weeks or so. It has been so nice to go out and not freak every time I hear someone sneeze or cough! It was like a weight off my shoulders.. also, dh now has a cold (and it is definitely ONLY a cold) but I would have been terrified by every cough and splutter, now I feel calm. For all these reasons, I'm glad that I got it. The ultimate for me is that we know that there is a definite risk that contracting SF could kill you (especially people like me, in a double risk category) but the risks from the vaccine are unknown. Both risks are probably slight, but the consequences of SF are potentially dire. The risk of listeria (which makes us avoid soft cheeses, rare meats and deli meats) is only 1 in 17,000. The risk of SF is higher. We avoid the cheeses etc despite the risk being tiny simply because the consequences are so dire. So in the end, I didn't feel there was any case for refusing the vaccine.
Beaubelle Posts: 741
I was also adamant I wasn't getting it, until I heard about the pregnant woman who died...I am close to 33 weeks pregant now, so more than likely if I did get SF, the baby would be fine, but I possibly wouldn't. TBH it was the thought of leaving DH wifeless with a newborn baby that made me decide to go ahead and get it, because I really don't think he could cope with that along with all the other stress in our lives at the moment. Also, for me, I considered that at this stage of pregnancy, baby is fully formed and is just getting fatter, so on the off chance that there would be some problem with the vaccine that no one knows of yet (which I doubt), at least my baby is past the critical developmental stage. I had a visit in the coombe on friday and they have started a vaccine programme there. The HSE document they give out mentions that the vaccine is the mercury based one, but in fact they are using the non-mercurial one, which I am happier about. I have to get a booster in 3 weeks time. I had no side effects from the vaccine either. I hope you manage to make a decision soon. It's so difficult to know what to do in these circumstances. Take care. x
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
Was totally against it until last week, was planning on getting it after babs arrives but after hearing of the poor woman and her baby that died RIP, i am now booked in to get it on tuesday.
Gingham Posts: 3014
was completely against it but did a u turn and got it on friday. I feel alot like mrsbean....a weight off my shoulders, i was pretty much housebound since the start of my Maternity leave....was a hard decision.
Princess_Jess Posts: 445
thanks girls for all ur replies. i am going to go to my Gp 2mro and get it sorted. i am so nervous. but i think i will be a bit more at ease if i get it x
octbride2007 Posts: 774
HI PJ, I was really against it but ended up getting it the other day and to be honest I feel the betetr for it. My doc recommended I went to the HSE clinic for the celvepan as it had no mercury in it. Best of luck with it hun :wv
foxglove Posts: 587
i did get a terrible fright when i heard about the poor pregnant woman who died but i am still not convinced that getting the vaccine is the best decison. Whether or not 1000 or 1000000 people have it the bottom line is there is still medical professionals doubting that its safe - because it has become more widespread does not suddenly make the actual vaccination safer. I am taking my chances, i am 25 weeks pregnant and terrified of harming my baby. if i were not pregnant id get the vaccine
Always hoping Posts: 784
Hiya! I was a firm no until the tragic event of the past week. I nearly ran out and got it the next day. However I did some more research and I'm probably a shaky no now. I'm also going to my gp tomorrow to talk it over again with him. I really don't want either babies to be exposed to the vaccine. So I'd consider getting it after baby is born to hopfully reduce the likelyhood of it coming into the house. It was reported in the french press that the first case of guillian barre syndrome from the vaccine had been confirmed - I haven't heard this reported in the irish news but then I'm not surprised there... All we can do it what we believe is the right decision - there are possible risks getting it and possible risks not getting it... It's so hard. I've grown up with 2 siblings with physical and mental disability (nothing related to vaccines) and having children is terrifying for me - I know from the inside how hard it is to live with disability and I have to watch my parents grow old and still be in the baby stage...