for those of you who's LO's go to bed after 7.30pm

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babs76 Posts: 1000
how on earth do you manage to keep them awake!! My DD is 25 weeks and she is hanging at 6.30pm - now i know she gets up early (6.30am) but she has always done this so i dont know how to change the cycle so that she might stay up even half an hour later...i feel bad for DH as by the time he gets back from work she is normally asleep but its impossible to keep her up and if i did she would take ages to settle as she is completely over tired...even keeping her up 5 mins seems like half an hour as she is all over the place so i normally just put her to bed as its just not fair on her just wondering if anyone else is in the same situation as me
Peggy Sue Posts: 638
When does she take her naps? I think my DD used to nap around 4 and went down to bed about 9 at that age.
babybliss Posts: 437
Our Lo was the same when he was that age, he was wrecked by 6.30pm and could barely stay awake until 7pm... i felt sorry for my dh, as he doesn't get home until 7.15pm, but there isn't much you can do, I think each baby has their own rythm. Our Lo also woke up around 6.30am and even if I kept him up later, he would still be up at the same time. It does get better when they get older though, if I remember correctly, he started staying up later & later when he got older, I think around 7 /8 month mark he was able to stay up until 7.30pm and now at 14 months it's somtimes a struggle to get him in bed before 9pm :innocent: enjoy your quiet evenings now while you can, as I'm sometimes at my wits end trying to get him to sleep so I could have some time off as well....
kittysue Posts: 1016
DOn't fight it......if your LO is tired and wants to go to bed let them.... Coz they just get more cranky and then they're getting over-tired. When your LO gets a bit older, they might be able to stay up later....but I wouldn't upset their routine.
joer Posts: 1617
wish I knew how to help the LOs too. Mine tends to get tired at about 5pm, fights the sleep to the death, very hard and frustrating when he gets overtired, which seems to be practically every day, and he practically refuses to nap unless I take him out for a drive, but otherwise, he wont really sleep much...
mrsh2008 Posts: 898
My little fella is nearly 7months and he goes to bed around 8.30-9..... he has a nap bout 6.30/7 for about 40 mins... have you tried that... I'm the same as the other poster...whether is goes to bed at 8 or 9 he still wakes at 6-6.30
mammybean Posts: 10364
I was just going to say dont fight it as well. its a good time for going to bed. I know you feel sorry for DH but you also need time in the evenings to sit down and relax. Thjat and if you change her there will come a time when you want lo to be going to bed earlier - dont knock it lol
babs76 Posts: 1000
I defintely dont fight it, if anything i put her down at 6.45pm some nights as she is just ready to sleep, the minute i put her down she starts closing her eyes...god love her. She gets a nap around 4.30ish for 20 or 30 mins, i have never tried giving her a nap any laterm just so used to putting her to bed at 7pm that i wouldnt have the heart (or the nerve) to wake her after that, feel guikty enough waking her for teh dream feed!! I told DH to perhaps try and make it home for 6.15pm once during the week so he said that he would try. We really do enjoy the free evenings at the moment, have time to spend together when he gets back from work, i know there will be a time when we wont have that so trying to make the most of it now while we can :wv
lollyfp Posts: 2441
Hi. My little guy sleeps 9pm-9am and he gets a nap in the morning about 2.5 hours after waking and then another one at 3pm usually or maybe a little later. The odd time he will also have a short nap around 5-5.30. I'm not a morning person so maybe he just fell into this routine as it suited us better? Maybe try a late 30-45 minute nap - it's worth trying. :wv
one of each Posts: 1277
I really hope my LO will be able to stay awake longer than 7pm as when im back to work we wont be home until 7. At the moment she wakes at 6.3o and i bring her into bed with me and she goes back asleep until I wake her at 8.30 and feed her. She has two naps during the day and has her last feed at 8.30pm. If I didnt bring her into bed I dont think she would last until 8.30 and my DH wouldnt get to see her.