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mum2b 2010 Posts: 3
hi girls we've finally picked out our cot but still have to decide on the colour. we can get it in dark wood or white. i LOVE the white and it will go with everything but im thinking it will mark easy. i'm probably overthinking things now but how have people with white cots found them - are they hard to keep clean and do they get grubby looking? thanks for your advice girls :)
flippersmrs Posts: 660
hey ive bought a white cot for my babs. i got it purely because the box room/babs room has white window sill and white wardrobes and door so figured twud go better. i reckon it will be ok , if it gets anyway grubby sure a rub down with a damp cloth should fix that. same as if you had white kitchen units i guess. as i said all my wardrobes etc are white and i rarely need to wipe them down, only every once in blue moon.
mum2b 2010 Posts: 3
thanks for the reply flippers mrs. the one in the shop had a good few scuffs on it so it got me thinking. you're right though a quick rub down should sort out most marks. what is it about pregnancy that has me thinking of of every possibility :duh:
flippersmrs Posts: 660
id say the one in the shop was prob scuffed coz its prob been moved around and dragged all over the place, plus assembled several times etc. personally not gonna worry about that coz cot will be in the one spot once it goes up.
Spoilt Princess Posts: 141
I bought a white cot/bed for DD four years ago - she used it as a cot for two years and as a bed for a year! I"ll be using it on number 2, please God, in a couple of months - it's absolutely perfect. All I did was wipe it with a baby wipe once when changing it into a bed and once when storing it away (and I am obsessive about things being clean) so it'll be no hassle!
joeyl Posts: 100
yup - i agree! ive had a white cot for 10 months now (make it sound like i actually sleep in it but YKWHIM!) and its still perfect ... go for it
Greece Posts: 1800
Defo go with the white, its so cute for babies, we went with white too :o)ll
mum2b 2010 Posts: 3
oh that's great girls - i really love the white - delighted now grubbiness wont be an issue - im off to ring them :o)ll