For those with breakouts on face a little help for you

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gina1 Posts: 215
I get breakouts on my chin and cheeks all the time and same thing I was told do this and use that but I decided to stick to the following Breakouts on the chin area or around the mouth are often related to hormones so to control my hormone levels I started taking Vitamin B6 I also cleanse and tone every evening just with tesco ones but not moisturise as your skin releases natural oils over night so that should be enough I rub 2 drops of rosehip oil into my skin and this is helping reduce marks from previous spots it also helps regulate my skin I try to drink Lots of water and I cut out Dairy ( this was the best for the skin ) Dairy products now a days are so processed they are so bad for you. I drink a glass of Vanilla flavoured Rice Milk Every Day have a Soya Yougurt and plenty of Greens and only eat Goats Milk Feta. I can really notice a Difference Also Rich creams are often too much for young skins better to use a lotion than a cream sometimes
Bridezilla07 Posts: 2237
Wow - how good are you!! You put the rest of us to shame.....Ta for the tips though ...........
MrsMe Posts: 138
I can vouch for the no-dairy approach. I use Soya milk now and have all but cut out cheese and yogurts. Really notice a massive difference. Looked at the photos we took when we were away last year and all I could think was how awful my skin looked then! :oops:
weaney Posts: 113
I'm 32 and luckily never had a spot in my life. But in the last year I've had breakouts around my nose. The doctor changed my pill to dianette as she said it was hormonal and possibly adult acne! I'm on dianette 3 months now and my skin has cleared around my nose but for the last week while off been of the pill i've had a break out of spots on my chin and every day I always wake up with one new one. I;m cleansing every day twice a day and moisturing but having never had a spot in my life this is annoying me particularly because its coming up to my wedding. Also gained a stone last year and can't shift 1lb even though i'm walking and exercising and eating healthily. anyone had any of these problems so late on?
delighted Posts: 258
Hi weaney i would recommed switching your moisturiser to an oil free one and some vichy norma derm cream.
weaney Posts: 113
I'm using the clarins moisturiser for years and its always been great. I think its all coming from within and that I need to change my diet in some way. Also not sure if dianette agreeing with me. Very down all week and ate and drank for ireland which makes you feel worse then the next morning. But I might change moisturisers just to give it a go.
delighted Posts: 258
Maybe just switch for a while as the clarins cream might be making your skin too oily at the moment. Go back to your doctor and explian how you are feeling. I also find that if i have some hot water and lemon in the morning before i eat anything it helps my skin clear up when i get a break out. Hope this helps xxx
Summer2006 Posts: 12
Thank god for your tips. I've never been one for getting loads of spots but over the last week I have just broken out all over. Everyone is telling me its stress. Will certainly be going home to try this tonight.
caribbeanbride Posts: 123
Hi gina1 thanks for the tips. I'm going mental at the mo I've only started getting spots since i gave up the fags, but I work in construction and i gat spots from where my hard hat rests on my forehead so I'm going to try your tips thanks. Am also going for 1st facial tomorrow so hopfully I'll be back to noraml soon
Ivy F Posts: 2023
Hi Weaney, I also developed "adult acne" out of the blue at age 26, but it seems to have been more extreme than yours - in just 10 days, my chin swelled to ridiculous proportions & it even hurt to rest my cheek on the pillow at night. My GP took one look at me & put me on Dianette, & soon the spots were history.....or so I thought. Flash forward to 5 years later, when my GP suggested I switch to a less powerful pill. 4 months on, my skin is beginning to swell, so my doctor has put me back on Dianette until after the wedding. I'm 31 and hope to try for a family at some point, so the thought of having to go through a repeat performance of what I went through before is downright depressing. Strangely enough, it seems like little is known about why adult acne can come out of the blue, & even less how to control the hormones which trigger it during pregnancy! Anyway, to return to your question, it usually takes 4 months or so for Dianette to take full effect - I remember I also used to get pimples during the break between packets, at the very beginning. So, by the time you see this post (if you do), you should see some improvements. I also find Origins' spot removal solution fantastic. T