For those working f/t, when did you stop working?

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Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Hello all, I'm 33 weeks and work fulltime. For the past few months I have been finding it tough going. My energy levels are zilch. I also have an 8 yr old, and there are problems with my iron levels. At my last visit, I was told that if my body was still unable to absorb the iron I'm taking I would need to get injections, and would probably be signed off work early. I have just returned to work after 2 weeks holidays - just at home. It was great to be a bit more relaxed, but this week i am finding it increaseingly difficult. I am just exhausted. I'm NEVER out of work sick, and am not one of those people who wants to be treated like an invalid while pregnant. Also I have just been promoted (haven't even signed contract yet). My question is should I struggle on until ML starts (really don't think I'll be able to), or should I just leave earlyregardless. I'm getting frustrated with being so limited physically, as its not like me to sit around dossing. Is it possible to get sick certs for 2 out of 3 days? If I worked a shorter week, I may be more rested the days I do work. Just dunno what to do. Any one else feeling the strain physically, but mentally able to work? Sorry so long . Thanks
ginger nut Posts: 5989
hi desert moon - it sounds as if you'd have a good case for going off early but why don't you talk to your doc to see if he can give a recommendation to reduce your hours? or would your HR manager/boss be able to accomodate reduced hours? they'd probably prefer to still be able to have your experience at work even if at reduced hours rather than lose you altogether. Otherwise i think you need to listen to your body and take the time off..... i think if you took sick leave you wouldn't be abusing the system at all by the way you describe things. take care x
Fruitcake Posts: 307
This time around I finished 2 weeks before my mat leave date. My bp was skyrocketing, but it was from pure stress at work, I seemed to be so tired and emotional all the time. The thought of finishing sooner than my date wasn't doing me anygood either as I was waiting to renew my contract. My iron levels where low throughout the pregnancy aswell, and gp said it would take a while for them to get back up, so seemed like I was constantly tired all the time. When I went for one of my routine gp checkups he signed me out of work that day. When I went back up to work to tell my LM (which was during lunchtime), she told me to find the GM myself and tell them. Now that never happens in our organisation, you never tell the GM administrative stuff like that, but LM was being a pure mule, I had 2 weeks to go and they hadn't even started advertising my post. I stayed on for a few hours to gather up my stuff and find the GM, who was so nice about it. Saying that ds came early, so I would have only been on mat leave for a few days when he arrived. But the rest off work did wonders, I was much more relaxed. I agree with Ginger Nut, but remember you'll need all the rest you can get before little one comes. My eldest ds is 4 and I completely forgot about the sleepless nights, endless b/f and colic. Best of luck :wv
BarbadosBride Posts: 448
I would say definitely get a note from your doctor for sick leave, I know that low iron can leave you exhausted. I was severely anaemic after my first daughters birth and needed blood tranfusions. The second time around I had the iron injections every week and they were well worth it, the difference in how I felt was unbelievable. Definitely have them if they are offered to you as you need to build yourself up. I hope you can come to some arrangement in work and good luck with the birth!
NotHere Posts: 10273
If I were you I would chat with the boss and explain your situation, it'd be great if you could reduce your hours, or even work from home. Failing that though, I'd take early leave. Your baby is what matters and if you're wrecked it will affect the baby too. I know normal time is 2 weeks before the due date but I am hoping to leave at least 3 weeks before due date because I can definitely feel the tiredness these days. It's not so bad for me though because I'll have a girl in who will be covering for my maternity leave so can chill out (hopefully!) Mind yourself :thnk