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NewWed19 Posts: 1
Hi, My fiancée and I are looking at getting married this Autumn (2019). We have looked at quite a few venues here in Ireland, both 4 and 5 star and then 2 very unique venues also. They’re all working out at between €80-€100 per head. But to be honest we’re not too keen on getting married in Ireland. If we get married here our guest list would be around 250 which is more than either of us want and also the typical Irish wedding doesn’t appeal to either of us. We’ve looked online and received some quotes and a wedding in Spain or Italy is working out at around €180+ a head but this includes venue hire, dj and free bar for 3-4 hours. What I’m wondering is can it be done for cheaper? We’d be looking at around 80 people and we’re hoping to keep the entire thing (venue, food, entertainment, bar, dress etc) under €15k if possible. Are we dreaming? Thanks in advance for any input and sorry for the long post.
RoxieG Posts: 49
Hi Can def be done in Spain for less than €15k. It depends on the type of venue you want and their availability. Standard hotel Vs Private Villa type wedding. Also depends on whether you have a wedding planner or not. Midweek Vs Weekend Wedding. (Keep in mind that a Friday in Spain, in most venues, in classed as a weekday wedding!!!) Just to give you an example, we got married in Sept 2018. Guest list was 120. We had canapes and cava reception, 5 course meal, unlimited red/white wine, beer, soft drinks and water for the whole day. Our package included a wedding cake, DJ, late night food, cocktail bar, full table decoration (so chair covers, napkins, cloths etc) and even included some small posies of flowers for the drinks reception and the main meal. All came in under €11k. It was way under budget for us so we changed loads of stuff, but it can definitely be done. And we had the most amazing day. PM me if you need more information
claire2020 Posts: 3
Hi, I am in the exact same position. We would like to go abroad because we want to keep it to a small wedding (about 60 people) and think this would be easier to do abroad. My main issue is getting my head around logistics, I would like everyone to stay together or close by where we can all meet up the night before and enjoy a day two. Any recommendations? Also want it easy to get to from Irish airports. Rosie G would I be able to PM for details also? Thanks :)
RoxieG Posts: 49
Of course , PM away
Marie2021 Posts: 1
Hi Ladies If I can jump on this thread, Can I ask what locations you have choosen and any suggested contact details for wedding planners. I've just started my search into getting married abroad, I see that you can now only do symbolic services in Spain now and you have to get legally married at home. Thanks x
claireb2442 Posts: 6
Hi, Myself and Fiance are also looking at an abroad wedding early summer 2020. Would love some recommendation for places where you can do everything on site (wedding and 2nd day). Also we aren't into the traditional hotel wedding. Would love something more relaxed like a vineyard, farmhouse, etc etc. Areas we have been looking at are Porto, Lisbon, Seville, Valencia, Italy but open to suggestions. not looking at however the Algarve or the likes of Costa Del Sol, Marbella or that. Thanks x
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marrykub Posts: 5
We are getting married in Crete and the local apartments where we always stay are acting as our wedding planners, we are saving thousands by going abroad. There is going to be about 40of us and as Crete is a cheaper Greek island all of our guests can afford to come also, plus the money we are saving, we felt we could help out and are paying everyones deposits. I had a chance to explore Crete with and see the incredible ruins which makes this city so unique.