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Toblerone Posts: 2698
Indo has above article in paper today - part one of series. Part two tomorrow on how to avoid wedding day disasters. [url:31uevm2e][/url:31uevm2e] :wv
snoopy08 Posts: 404
Interesting article - thanks for showing us. It's nice that the 1st couple didn't have interfering relations telling them who they had to invite and what was expected of them!
LM24 Posts: 932
After reading the article, I think most of us would agree that you should do what you and your H2B want and for money you can afford to spend. The 2 girls that spoke about their weddings in that article enjoyed their wedding day because it was what they wanted and they could afford it, however it doesnt mean any of us having a big church wedding should feel ashamed of what we are doing or feel that we are wasting our money and should have a bbq in the back garden. I agree that it is only 1 day so we shouldnt get too carried away but then again it is 1 day that you'll never have again (hopefully :o0 ) so you should go for what you want and try and have no regrets. My opinion anyway.
Trillian Posts: 1685
My first thought reading that was 'fair play to them'. Then I started thinking about it - there's an undertone there suggesting that people spending lots are Bridezillas. Not from the women themselves it was the tone of the article - I think that's unfair and untrue. Plus frankly both of them came across kind of smug, again that could have been the journalist (although I use that term lightly actually being able to write is not a skill the Indo seems to look for these days). There is a world between 2500 and 35K+ you know.
frecklz Posts: 1839
Fair play, however; a) look at the state of her hair and b) where's his tie? He looks like he just finished a 10-hour shift...
jabudineer_bride09 Posts: 15
ah thats a bit harsh,,, :o( its what they could afford... okay it wouldnt be my cup of tea and i wouldnt fancy it in fairness but you cut your cloth according to your measure and if you havent got it, you dont spend it.. it came accross to me that they are not materialistic in anyway and got married because they love each other. i think its good to see how others do it,it may not be our taste or favourite hairstyle but it was her least give her that..
she Posts: 3298
[quote="frecklz":3nmql0an]Fair play, however; a) look at the state of her hair and b) where's his tie? He looks like he just finished a 10-hour shift...[/quote:3nmql0an] :o0 :o0 :o0 The only thing is, if you read it the got alot of stuff from their Family and friends. Someone making the cake, some doing dj etc. If you take the average person that has to pay for all of these, yes their bill will be higher but (I hate saying this), they will get more back in presents/ money than they would. So I'm just wondering would it all even it's self out in the end.... For example...............Say I spend €10,000 on my wedding but pay for everything and they spend €5000. But i get €7000 in presents where they get €2000. Just speculation of course!!!!
x_x Posts: 1823
Thanks for posting that article - an enjoyable read while I munched through my sandwich at my desk! I laughed at the phrase "Competitive Wedding Syndrome" - so true. Fair play to them - their Weddings sounded lovely.
missust Posts: 370
their wedding sounded like my worst nightmare. sorry i dont have any wedding competition syndrome or whatever they call it but what makes a BBQ in your back garden a special day. i bloody cook 364 other days of the year and can invite friends and family to back garden any weekend i want for a barbie. i think let somone else worry about cooking and organising stuff on the day.
Shinney Posts: 266
Have to say fair play to them. They got the wedding they wanted at the price they could affoard. Im getting married in 2011 (on here every day already what am i like) and although i am having the big church hotel wedding im not inviting loads and loads of people, and id like to do certain things - flower arranging, invites, myself partly for the personal touch and personally for the cost saving side of it. Each to their own and i wouldnt comment on the hair or the tie personaly. Dp hates ties with a passion as does my dad and i cant see them lasting too long on them tbh. Its all about personal taste.