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FutureMrsL Posts: 231
Know this really should be in health and fitness but was hoping more people might see it here. Has anyone tried formoline? It's meant to be great for losing and maintaining weight. As you can see from ticker only have 30 days to go and want to maintain weight loss. Thanks in advance and again apologies for putting in incorrect forum :wv
Helenl123 Posts: 1457
I bought these on Wednesday and started them yesterday. They're not big at all, probably the size of a skittle maybe, and they go down easy. I read alot of the internet bout them, and on it and the packet it stated to make sure you only take these with your two main meals.(2 tabs with each meal) for loosing weight, and 1 tab with each meal wen reach target wait and want to maintain. Reason being when you eat your food take them sort of after first few mouthfuls, it holds onto whatever fat is in that food and moves it out of you. Also says drinks lots of water cos of such high fiber contents in your diet can make you constipated. I talked to someone in Raheny pharmacy too and she said its meant to be excellent, with proper clinical trials, plus, it has none of what those other stuff do, caffiene and that stuff, that makes your jittery and light headed. It also does not increase your matabolism at all. So while those other things apparently make you not want to eat, this one says, its fine to eat your normal diet (maybe slightly cut down, but not much) and you should still see the weight drop off. i'm so excited, started them yesterday and absolutely no side affects at all yet.