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SoExcited Posts: 204
Hi Girls, Happy New Year to all. Congrads to all those who got BFP over the Christmas break :thnk , and Baby Dust *) to all those TTC. Can anyone help me out on the following? I have been reading up on the welfare website but just want to make sure I'm not leaving any forms out - can I ask all the girls who've done this or about to do this, if I'm on the right track: Maternity Benefit: I have to fill out this form at least 6 weeks before I intend to leave work: (Also, there is a section in here that has to be filled in by your doctor - is this to be filled in by your gynae or your normal doctor or does it matter?) Child Benefit: I don't need to apply for Child Benefit. "When you register the child's birth, the Child Benefit Office will contact you within 10 days of the birth registration to arrange your payment." Early Childcare Supplement: I do not need to apply for this. "As long as you are receiving Child Benefit for a child under 6, your Early Childcare Supplement will be issued automatically." So is it just the Maternity Benefit form that I need to fill out? Thanks a mill, SoE.
Ducky Posts: 2506
Think so, you'll be guided on the others while in hospital. The GP's signature will do on the doc's section, just to confirm your due date.
SoExcited Posts: 204
Thanks Ducky