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laidback Posts: 224
Hi! Just wondering how do you/hospital decide on formula for baby??? Do they help/suggest in hospital or do they just give you one type??? Completely lost, any advice appreciated. Thanks :thnk
McMummy Posts: 1041
The hospital told me they have 3 to choose from cow & gate, SMA and Aptimal (sp?) and I need to decide which I want to go for. They said their all around the same as in they wouldn't recommend one of another so you'll need to decide yourself. I logged on to the formula websites and just read a bit about them and got some feedback from other mums on what they used. Most people seemed to be using SMA and seeing as this is what I was feed myself I think I’ll try that. I think it depends on the baby so if one doesn’t suit you switch to another and see how that goes. I was lactose intolerant as a baby so I was on SMA soya so if the baby is the same I’ll switch to that version.
laidback Posts: 224
Thanks ww I thought that was the way it worked, I think our house was an sma house so will prob go with that. Never thought about the lactose thing, thanks for bringing that to my attention. Thanks again :thnk
mariac Posts: 982
after B/F my daughter - i put her on SMA Gold i think - she had no wind problems with it and took to it straight away