fortune teller any storys come true or mediums????

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mama sugar Posts: 1387
Yellow Elley Posts: 1522
Yip, I love them..........I don't think I have any freaky stories as such but.. I dragged my mam along one day, she was a bit sceptical (sp) but she came out shocked, she told her she was married to a bald man, who recently nearly died, but we're all still worried, but told her not to worry and life will be so much better now, and they were going to sell the family home (mam never liked it) and move into a smaller house. I was told I had a miscarriage recently, I told her I definately did not, she turned it around and said thats its was actually my SIL2B, and I found out later that it was true. she was also able to tell me that I have been in a relationship with a very private man for years (true) and we are going to have a special day soon
kellyc Posts: 1300
My friend was told exactly what her BF would look like, few months later she had described him the way she said. Do you ever wonder if they seem to no all this how come they dont no the lotto numbers??????
Its a Secret Posts: 178
I was given lotto numbers in April and am such a lazy beatch did them once. She gave me 11 lucky numbers to pick from and said I would come into money. She also told me a "blessing" was on the way and I got preg in May. Must start doing them numbers..........
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
no i have never been to one, im looking for a good one anyone know of anyone in meath/dublin, idealy a clairvoyant would be great
mama sugar Posts: 1387
charli Posts: 5994
my nana and my mother went and loads of stuff there were told was true (i am a sceptic though, people seem to forget the stuff she said that wasn't/isn't true!) a remember a little thing she said to my nana; she would receive a beautiful piece of gold, wrapped in red velvet that she should cherish, it was going to be more special than any other piece of jewellery she ever had WELL - 2DAYS later my nana got a little parcel from Oz from my aunt (her daughter, with little bits n pieces for different relations BUT there was a ruby red velvet box with a gold and ruby broch for my nana for her ruby wedding anniversary AND a week after the parcel arrived, my aunt was killed in a car crash in Oz - my nana treasures that broch and is keeping it for my aunts daughter! anyone spooked? edited for spelling mistakes
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Ok, first of let me say that I NEVER really believed in any of this kind of thing before - I was the ultimate skeptic. But... At Electric Picnic last year (Sept 05) by best mate went to one of the Tarot Card readers. He told her loads of things that were really accurate but he also told her that [i:2so8u15y]"The relationship you are in is not the right one for you. Yourself and your partner are not meant to be together, and you won't last. But he is an important part of your life, and will alway be around, but you won't be a couple"[/i:2so8u15y] Obviously my friend thought he was full of BS. She'd been with her fella 6 years, they were really happy together, never any problems, talking about buying a house together etc etc. We went home, totally forgot about it. My friend never told her fella about it, cause she thought it was a load of nonsense. Then.... March this year (March 06), completely out of the blue, her boyfriend told her he didn't love her anymore and didn't want to be with her, and they've split up. They are still really good friends but thats it. I tell ya, it freaked the crap outta me. Maybe there is something to all this after all? :?
ohsohappybride Posts: 3476
Are any of these good ones in Dublin?
kellyc Posts: 1300
[quote]hi kelly, I was often told that they can't use their powers to benifit themselves, Sugarcube if you had a chance of using your powers to win the lotto are you saying that you would not do it