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NYE78BRIDE Posts: 60
Hi Girls, A while back I read a post where some Wollies had gotten a reading from a lady in the UK by email. Does anyone have the details on this? Would really love to go and see someone before the wedding but with one thing and another I haven't a free weekend between now and then. Would appreciate if someone could PM the details. Tanks a mil, A :wv
sunny505 Posts: 1807
It was a woman called Julie. Personally I wouldn't recommend her. I emailed asking if she could do a reading for me and my mother - she said separately only. So I posted two pics. Paid twice. She asked for first names and date of birth of both of us which I gave. Found my reading not very good and she did reading for my mother - my mother died a few months beforehand and I figured if she was for real she would know this. Well she got really cross with me when I emailed her after she sent on the reading. I said look I don't know you, I gave you all the info you asked for, and I was protecting myself from a fake saying o yes she's coming through, she knows you miss her, etc. But she was really angry saying I should have told her she was dead. What kind of a psychic is she - who would not know that??? It's amazing when someone dies you would do anything to have some sort of communciation with them again. But I wasn't completely leaving myself open by telling her but was amazed that she came up with all this stuff that didn't particularly relate to her. Steer clear is my advice.
NYE78BRIDE Posts: 60
So sorry to hear about your Mum and that you won't have her for your special day. I don't blame you for doing whatever you can to feel closer to her. Thanks for the advice, think I'll skip it. :thnk
Mrs James Duff Posts: 348
i got a reading from this lady also, absolute waste of money
Tweed_Jacket Posts: 20
[quote="NYE78BRIDE":17odfq2x]So sorry to hear about your Mum and that you won't have her for your special day. I don't blame you for doing whatever you can to feel closer to her. Thanks for the advice, think I'll skip it. :thnk[/quote:17odfq2x] Hi nye78bride, I PM'd you
sunny505 Posts: 1807
Girls, I went to see Joe Power last night in the concert hall in the university of Limerick. He is a psychic in England and seems to have some good credentials - I checked him out before I went. He has appeared on lots of chat shows in the UK and also helps the police solve murders also. Anyway people were 'coming' to him who wanted to talk to others. About 700 people there, weird, weird thing happpened. Going to be a little general cos don't want to give myself away. But he called out my surname and the people in front of me stood up and I stood up too. Girl going around one from the staff of UL gave them the microphone. So I sat down and he started talking about a kitchen and they were saying yeah, we're doing up the kitchen - a few things related to them. So I was saying ok it's not me. Then he started saying stuff that meant absolutely nothing to them at all but were very specific to me - my mother's name, the number of people in my father's family and something I had just done that most people have never done (sorry don't want to be too specific here). Finally he said your parents want you to know that they are okay. And that was it. Talked to the family in front of me afterwards and the girl he was talking to has exactly teh same first and last name as me. It's like crossed energies or there was a message for both of us, I don't know. Talked to him after - he said you are the girl who did x (very specific activity), the message was for you. So weird - don't really believe in this much. It's strangely comforting. I also said to h2b during this week, I'm so sad that that my mother doesn't know that I did x and yet this was the thing that came up. Don't know what to think really.
Tina235 Posts: 9
You can meet this one in Dublin or she will email you a reading... Very good. I would highly recommend Fortune is owned and run by Irelands Longest established professional Fortune Tellers. Established over 30 years ago, The Fortune Telling Centre in Temple Bar Dublin, Harnesses talent passed from one generation to the next. We utilize that experience daily , to offer our clients the following services : Psychic Readings , Tarot readings, Crystal Ball, Angel Cards, Astrological Readings, Palmistry, Runes and More. To Make an appointment or to receive a reading be emails go to or call 0872534167 over 18`s ONLY 0872534167
MrsW2010 Posts: 348
Anyone else notice that this Tina is after replying to every fortune teller query in the last couple of months??? :spam: I think!!!
Excited2010 Posts: 777
i said this in a previous post today and she had some smart arsed remark to make O:|