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hassig Posts: 900
Having read Evey2010's post on Fortune Tellers, it got me thinking I love to see one again, saw one about 5 years ago and she was bang on, but I cant for the life of me remember her name. Can anyone recommend a fortune teller in cork. thanks :thnk
Diamontee Posts: 675
Hi Hassig! Theres the white witch in Cobh and Gypsy Rose Lee in cork somewhere, she used be in Blackpool but has moved, her number is always in the echo! I went to Gypsy Rose once and she was spot on. My mam went to the white witch and she was right with some things but she's still waiting to win her millions :o0 HTH *)
Satine Posts: 790
Oh I would love to go to a fortune teller too!! I went to the white witch years ago, and even though she got some things right, She got a lot of things wrong. And a few friends of mine went too, and she told them things that were almost identical to my reading. And as for Gypsy Rose, I was at home one day, and was getting into my car. This strange looking old woman came up to me and said, "don't worry honey, I know he's after disappointing you, but ye'll be alright", and she gave me a card, and then poof!! she was gone!! Not really, :o0 , she just walked away. But that day I was after having an argument with the hubbie!! And we hardly ever argue!!! haha. But I lost the card that she gave me!! Also, My cousin went to Gypsy Rose, and the first thing she said to her when she walked in the door is that "your father is here with you now". Her dad was just after dying a couple of months before that. Strange!!!
hassig Posts: 900
Thanks girls, yeah heard mixed reviews about the White Witch, there is meant to be one in Castletownbere and she is meant to be amazing, i think she is more of a medium. I'll see if I can get hold of a number for her.