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Poshtotty Posts: 241
Hi wollies, I have been registered with wol since May but under a different user name - I didnt realize how many friends use this site and my previous user name would have been too obvious to friends so had to change it :-8 Dont want them knowing my plans for wedding :o0 But I had to tell someone..... I found my dress!! :o)ll I cant believe I found it so quickly. One shop, three dresses and an hour and 30 mins later :eek I just knew as soon as it was on me that I had to have it :lvs Going for my fitting in October and I cant wait to have it on me again. Our wedding is in Jan 2011 and I was a little worried about finding the dress so soon before the big day but i'm not going to see it again till October and i'm not going to look up pictures or anything. When trying on the dress I asked for a 4 inc shoe and they just happened to be gorgeous with the dress so I bought them there and then too!! :hyper: My dress is Ivory, lace, full of detail, fishtale and no veil instead I went with a matching jacket and a small headpiece :lvs :lvs :lvs And its pronovias :lvs :lvs :lvs the dresses
NemoFish Posts: 2501
PICTURE!!!! It sounds beautiful - congrats on finding it.