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hipbaby Posts: 4530
Maybe this is the holy grail but I am looking for a good foundation that stays put all day without being too cloggy or thick. I had a baby fair at the weekend and my makeup was lovely (I thought!) in the morning but by lunchtime my friend came in and asked my why wasn't I wearing any makeup grrrrr!! Any tips or recommendations??
Annajoly123 Posts: 601
I find Mac studio fix liquid foundation is a long lasting foundation. I have been using it for over a year!
dumdumdidum2013 Posts: 300
There's a thread on old faithful on this which is pretty active at the min!
Glamour By Dawn Posts: 158
+1 MAC STUDIO FIX FLUID also MAKEUP FOREVER HD Are you setting your makeup with powder after your foundation?? xxx
candlequeen Posts: 991
Make sure you use a primer! This is a huge problem for me too - make-up is grand in the morning then by 12 it's gone. The MUA did a trial for me with proper face & eye primers and it lasted pretty well (well by my standards anyway :o0)
Lucy28 Posts: 20
After you put on your moisturiser wait until its dried in 5-10mins, then put on primer or beauty flash balm from clarins wait till thats dried in and should make a difference to how long your make up stays on. I like Double wear foundation by estee lauder if I need my foundation to last, can be slightly thick for every day wear, they have a lovely mineral powder at the mo which you could use to set your foundation or just wear the powder alone :wv
Ms HP Posts: 617
Mac is good as is Estee Lauder. True about the moisturisers and primers too though I'd say
circleskane Posts: 7
i am getting on very well with this website :) great advice, thanks ladies
marie joseph make upartist Posts: 3
Working as a makeup artist, the most frequent question I am asked is “what is the best foundation” my answer is a simple one, if I knew that I could scale my kit down to one brand! First step Determine your skin type, whether it is oily, combination dry or normal. That done, get samples, a good foundation is as pricy as a pair of shoes, make no apology for asking for samples, no matter what your skin type, some formulas will suit better then others, don't part with your cash before your sure the foundation is a fit for your skin. I could write a book on foundations. If you have any other questions I will be glad to answer them. Marie
seabee Posts: 18
since this is about foundation, i will post it here as well. i have sensitive skin, it is better to use those natural powder foundation or liquid foundation? which one is easier to apply. im not good at make up