Frankie Cocozza's booted off x factor

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Jacqueline Hyde Posts: 1145
What's the deal? OH just mentioned he was kicked off and something about drugs but does anyone know the sca?
ginger power Posts: 1632
Heard it was over drugs am delighted couldnt stand him, O-O O-O
bridesmaidzilla Posts: 1859
Yipeee!!!!Delighted with this tbh, couldn't stand him!Apparently, he was boasting about using the aul Colombian Marching Powder ;o) Tut,tut!
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
Thank god! He was a crap singer and also didn't seem to take it serious (only getting half an hours sleep Saturday night! ) Seemingly it's something to do with coke? Wonder what will happen now? They can hardly bring someone back?
Jacqueline Hyde Posts: 1145
Went and had an aul google for meself and there's talk of the risk coming back. But it could be crap. HATED Frankie. He just can't sing very well, breathy eejit