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franticwollie Posts: 8
Dear Ladies, Regular wol user here, but have gone anon for this question. Im too nervous to post yet about my pregnancy on wol under my own name. My TTC journey has not been easy & I had a miscarriage last year. I am now 9 weeks pregnant and to be honest I am a nervous wreck. Im so anxious, nervous and worried. I keep worrying that my pregnancy is not going to last, that it is too good to be true. From week 6 until the start of week 9 I had horrendous pregnancy sickness. Almost 24 hour nausea,retching, vomiting once a day or every second day. Sore boobs, went up a cup size. Bought new bras at the weekend, feel so much more comfy now. But since the weekend my sickness has gradually disappeared and now it has completely gone. My appetite is back, ate 3 meals today. Such a huge change from when I had the sickness. Boobs not tender at all any more. I am convinced something is wrong and that is why I am losing my pregnancy symptoms. I had a scan at 6 weeks and a scan at 8 and a half weeks (less than one week ago!) with my Consultant and all was fine. Consultant is keeping an eye on my due to my miscarriage history. Baba measured the right size, good strong heartbeat. The rational part of my mind is saying that everything is fine, things would not turn bad that quick. The chances of a miscarriage when a heartbeat is seen is slim. However the irrational part of my mind has taken over me and I am FRANTIC. Sick with worry. Im convinced that because I no longer have the sickness I have had a missed miscarriage. I suppose what Im looking for is a little reassurance - that this happened to you too and all turned out well. DH is so worried about me because Im so worried. He asked me to ring my Consultant and book in for a scan which was a good idea. In my frantic state, I couldn't think straight to think of this. So I have an appointment for a scan on Friday, but at the moment Friday seems very far away and Im getting more worried as time goes on. Thanks for reading, sorry that this is so long, did something similar happen to you? Was everything ok? Is it normal in pregnancy to lose your symptoms? Thanks for your help franticwollie New Wolly Posts: 1 Joined: Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:52 pm
gemson Posts: 118
Hi, Could not read and not reply . . . . I am 22 wks pregnant and did go through this in the early stages, had been nauseous, tired etc for first few wks then nada . . . . Someone told me it was your bodies way of starting to cope with all the changes and extra hormones, I was worried, although fortunately I've never experienced a miscarriage I can't imagine the worry u are through now. Thankfully after a week or so I started feeling more symptoms. Hopefully this will ease your mind a little, as I said I could not read and not reply. HTH's
Rachel Berry Posts: 359
You poor thing:( The first trimester is so stressful:( Don't worry about symptoms coming and going. It's totally normal:) some people never get morning sickness at all and that's totally fine as well:) You've had two scans and all have been well:) I know it's easier said than done but you need to relax and a bit of advice would be to stay away from the internet. If I am lucky enough to get pregnant again, I'm going to stay away from the internet for the first twelve weeks as I had myself worked up in knots the last time, thinking something was wrong and I blame google for a lot of it. Watch a movie/read a book and try and relax:) Friday will be here before you know it:) :heartbeat: :heartbeat:
seabride11 Posts: 231
Thinking of you hope all will be okay, we are on our first too and my symptoms (sickness, no feeling for food, sore sore boobs) disappeared at 9/10 weeks friends a few months ahead of me said its normal that the placenta had kicked in - hope all will be well :action32
lottie79 Posts: 343
It's perfectly normal and very common. I found a thread on another site that may reassure you a little: ... 611_849.bc One of the posters makes the comment that a healthy baby is not determined by morning sickness or breast tenderness which is so true. I had neither with my little girl and had to have an early scan to confirm I was actually pregnant as I felt nothing! It's only natural to worry, especially after everything you've been through - I hope Friday puts your mind at ease. Big hugs x
franticwollie Posts: 8
Ladies, thank you so much for your replies. I had a good old cry reading them. Your replies have given me reassurance and hope, which is what I badly needed. Rachel you are so right, I do need to step away from the internet. Google is freaking me out. I have to calm down and try to relax tonight. Thank you so much for your help, it really has helped me, thank you. Please God all will be well on Friday
CherylC Posts: 1071
Please don't worry - this is completely normal. I believe that at around 9/10 weeks the placenta starts to kick in and take over from the pregnancy hormones, so some people start to feel Better at that stage. I had a previous miscarriage too so I know it's hard to relax the next time around but really there is no reason to think therre's any problem, try to relax and I'm sure your scan on Friday will reassure you again.
franticwollie Posts: 8
Thank you CherylC x
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
Frantic I had a missed miscarriage earlier in the year and found it really hard to trust my body this time around. On this pregnancy I had no nausea (although I wished for it) but my boobs gradually got less tender around 9/10 weeks and other symptom lightened too. Stressing out will not do you any good so if you are very worried go and have another scan. Best of luck.
littlesugarloaf Posts: 2000
Nothing really to add, just wanted to send you good wishes and maybe recommend that you go see a movie tonight or tomorrow, just to try to take your mind of things (nothing with babies, about babies or even slightly baby-related). I can't imagine how stressed you are - we were a long time TTC too and for about two or three weeks after testing positive, I still had really strong period-type cramps and spent half my day running to the bathroom, stressed out something rotten. The scan you had showing a strong heart beat is really the best possible sign that all is going to be fine. But no one can blame you for feeling stressed. I'm not an expert by any means but there's a simple exercise that we do at pregnancy yoga which always makes me feel better - just lie on your left side, get comfy with a pillow at your head and between your knees and put your hand on your stomach. Breath in for two seconds, out for three. After a few of these increase it to breathing in for three seconds, out for five. Feel your hand rise up and down as you breathe and think about the oxygen you're giving to your baby, think about your baby being there all safe and warm with you minding him. I find it helps me sleep at night if I'm feeling a bit stressed or worried about anything in particular. Best of luck for Friday, will be thinking of you.