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Perch Posts: 401
Hey Just looking for a bit of reassurance. I went & ordered my dress on Saturday & I'm really happy with the dress itself. However I probably have more excess weight on at the moment than ever so I probably shouldn't have gone but thought it'd be fine. Anyway I ended up ordering a size bigger than I thought I should which is 2 sizes bigger than I would be in clothes. So now I'm freaking about what it'll be like & will the shape of the dress change when it (hopefully) has to be altered. I just don't want to worry about it for the next 11 months! Has anyone here had their dress altered much? Don't think there's much I can do about it now although she said she wouldn't be ordering til tomorrow, but I've paid deposit & signed for it. Sorry for going on but this has been bugging me since yesterday. Now for the dieting!
rady Posts: 919
I would phone them up tomorrow to order a dress size lower. if you are a twelve in clothes a 16 wedding dress sounds huge . Apparently its usually a size bigger than what you are is recommended.
sue06 Posts: 206
Did you not get measured before you ordered your dress???????
crumbs Posts: 112
I am usually a 10/12 but have gone up to a 12/14 in the past. I was a firm 12 on the bottom and 10 on top when I ordered my dress but they ordered a 14! I was worried too. I am now a 10 on the bottom and a 8/10 on top (lost 10 pounds and toned up a lot since initial ordering) and the dress was altered accordingly. It looks fab, there was no problem altering it and no-one will ever know that I ordered a 14. If you want to order the smaller size do but just remember - a dress can always be reduced in size it's alot more difficult the other way. Did they measure you for the dress at all?
Marvin Mole Posts: 1076
I'm normally a size 10/12 and when I tried on a size 12 in the shop it would hardly close at the back and even when it did I totally could not breathe! :oops: Every designer uses a different standard for their sizes and I would be happy with whatever size the shop recommends for me. I would rather have a dress that has to be altered to a smaller size than one that won't fit me!
BlushingB Posts: 1634
Don't worry about what the labels says. I don't even know what size dress was ordered for me! They order it bigger so that it can be taken in and properly tailored to your frame. Nobody's going to know or care what size the original dress was.
Perch Posts: 401
Thanks girls, It really isn't about the size at all, as you all said it's going to be altered anyway so it's irrelevant. I was just afraid that it would look different when altered & maybe it would lose some of it's shape. I've never really got anything altered with a dressmaker so I suppose that's why I was a bit nervous about it. I'm sure they can work wonders though. I was measured in the shop & went with what they suggested so I'll probably stick with that, was probably worrrying unnecessarily. Thanks again.