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Christmasmammy Posts: 120
The title says it all. I am stressing out over the packing of my labor and hospital bag..... O:| O:| Stupid thing to do. I am afraid I will forget something or bring too much! I read and read the endless list of things to bring in, but is all of it needed, will I regret if I don't bring certain stuff in.. ARGH!!!! O:| O:| O:| Rant over. P.s If people happen to read to the end, Do I need to bring baby blankets in with me, would they go in labor bag or hospital bag? Thanks for listening girls :heartbeat:
pag Posts: 633
Don't be stressing - anything you forget can easily be picked up by your DH/partner or friends coming to visit. Nothing is really required for labour bag apart from change of clothes for you and baby. Usually the hospitals wrap baby up in blue towel-like-blanket so it's nice to have your own but it would be hospital bag rather than labour bag and def not essential.