Freemies - Hands Free Breast Pump?

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lollyfp Posts: 2441
Just wondering if anyone has heard of or used this new device or by looking at it would you think it might be good? The description says... A new invention has been created for breast pumping moms, Freemies. These are interesting little containers that you pop into your bra, attach your breast pump tubing to it, and voila, your breast milk goes straight into the containers in your bra. The mom behind this new gadget had to return to work as an ER doctor after giving birth to her child. So that she could continue to breast pump, but quickly get to patients if needed, she asked her husband to create something that she could use discreetly, but in public. Each container holds 4 ounces and they cost $69.95. The website has many videos to demonstrate how to use them, Freemies have just come onto the market after 5 years of research and development. Because they are so new, it was difficult to find out how moms are enjoying these new breast pumping containers. Let us know if you have used these and what you think about them. Mentioned here a few posts down - Website here - I am planning on breastfeeding but would like to express some as well so just investigating my options!!! No clue if this device looks like a good idea??? :wv
fhaye Posts: 1
I've already used a hands free pumping bra by Simplewishes and it was totally awesome. Doesn't notice the difference on wearing a bra and a breast pump. I love them coz it fits my breast and comfortable to wear. I'm a busy mom that needs to take care of my lovely daughter as well so I purchase one for myself and for my baby. To moms out there you could try this product I assure you that you will also love it: