freezer meal ideas??

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firefly78 Posts: 312
I'm starting ML next week and want to cook up some meals. anyone got any ideas for me and other mammies out there, could be a good sticky too. I guess ones that don't take up too much room as only have two drawers in the freezer.
thats amore Posts: 714
i'd suggest doing up sauce based dishes that you can take out of the freezer the nights before you want them then just cook up pasta/rice and some crusty bread to go with them in the evenings. at least that way all you'll have to do is boil water and not have to bother chopping veg etc as side dishes! pasta sauces, chillis, curries-you can't go wrong. plus they are easy to store.
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
Like the above poster mentioned sauce based ones and freeze them in bags. Eg, Mince and veg for shepards pie Mince for Spag Bol Chicken Stew/Casserole Beef Stew/Casserole Curries Mash potatoes also freezes well, just don't add butter or milk before freezing - this can be done when reheating. I freeze everything, I always cook too much you can also freeze cooked chops, chicken breasts - even cooked/blanched veg. Tesco have great freezer bags (own brand), have the like a zip loc thing and also a space to write what bag contains and date HTH
Nicey Posts: 200
How about freezing lasagne or shepherd's pie in small portions (enough for 2 people)? :o)ll
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
[quote="Nicey":20by72lq]How about freezing lasagne or shepherd's pie in small portions (enough for 2 people)? :o)ll[/quote:20by72lq] These also freeze very well in the tin foil tins you can get, like the ones from the chinese
Mrs.G Posts: 1828
Defo go for bolognase, pasta sauces, curries, anything like that. I always make more than we need and freeze the remainder. Soups are a good one too...dead easy & freeze well and so handy when you don't feel like a massive meal. Maybe stock up on some nice fish, freezes really well & cooks in mins. Good luck with everything!! :xox
mcglick Posts: 463
I love this ...its my fav and has got us through the first few days at home...very versitile! 2 lb round steak mince Large onion garlic Organeo Worstishire Sauce 2 Ragu (your fav flav) Tray Mushrooms cleaned and chopped Half bag carrots chopped and boiled Tom puree yellow/red pepper 2 big saucepans on the go at one time, chop the onion and garlic up and divide between the 2 pots, fry til soft and cooked through. Divide the mince in half and split betweent the 2 pans. Fry til brown. First pot, few dashes of worstishire sauce, jar of ragu, mushrooms, carrots, squeeze tom puree, oregano. Bubble the arse out of it for about half hour til nice and thick. Let cool and divide into portions for freezing. In meantime boil a bag of spuds, mash and divide up into portions for 2 people. Hey presto....tomatoey shepard pie/ casserole type dish, Its my fav. Second pot, add your jar of ragu to your browned mince, squeeze tom puree, mushrooms if you fancy them, chopped pepper, bubble the arse out of it for half hour til nice and thick. Let cool and divice into portions for freezing. In meantime boil a big pot of pasta & divide into portions for 2 people. Hey presto easy peesy spag bol. Mcglcik
Always hoping Posts: 784
I highly recommend doing this! It was a lifesaver during the first 6 weeks when we came home from hospital!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Last time we did up lots of spag bol sauce, chilli sauce and shepherds pies - so handy. Also Marks and Spencers do lots of nice freezer stuff and their mashed potato is to die for!
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731