Freezing food

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lucie lu Posts: 760
Very boring topic, I'm sorry! I'm heading away for a week and leaving my very poor defenceless husband all on his own. I wanted to freeze a few meals for him. I always cook, but never have frozen stuff! Lasagne- do I cook everything- or leave pasta sheets uncooked in it? See I am a useless wife, what else can I leave that he literally just has to stick in the oven, preferably stuff that won't need longer than a frozen pizza, because I'm not sure he'll be able to wait that long!
vidia Posts: 2960
Cook the meal as if you were going to serve it - then portion it and freeze it.. All he has to do is defrost and re-heat.. Enjoy the hols!!
HippyChic Posts: 1812
Chilli (he can heat this up and have with chips, mash, baked potatoes, rice, garlic bread) Spag Bol (all he needs to do is boil some spaghetti) Stew Soups Shepherd's Pie Enjoy your hols!
LuckyYear2013 Posts: 3972
on the topic of freezing food, I've often wondered about how you would freeze certain foods. Like lasange or Shep pie for example... what do you put them into before putting into the freezer?
glover Posts: 188
Sniper If I make lasagne or shep pie I leave it cool and go "solid" (sometimes do it the next day when its kind of fully set if that makes sense) and then cut it into portions and wrap it tightly in cling film or put it into sandwich/freezer type bags. So handy to just take them out and leave them in the fridge to defrost.
LuckyYear2013 Posts: 3972
thanks rosiebelle :thnk
gopro Posts: 1801
I make small portions on the mental containers like u get ur chinese etc in
LuckyYear2013 Posts: 3972
ooo that's a good idea too... must start saving those containers
gopro Posts: 1801
[quote="sniper":8hm6lfz8]ooo that's a good idea too... must start saving those containers[/quote:8hm6lfz8] 2euro shop or any of those sorta shops do about20 for 2 euro my man use to make a load of them at d weekend to send wit us bac to college