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xx fairy mommy xx Posts: 1833
I know I know I'm over analysing everything at the mo but just wondering...i have been having a hell of a lot of bowel movements recently - practically as often as I need to pee and while I had read this was normal before labour I thought it was loose bowel movements I had to be on the look out for! BMs are not loose but frequent all the same - are frequent but not loose BMs a sign of labour or just of a very healthy appetite??? I think I'm clutching at straws when chances are I'll still be pregnant in 2 weeks time..... :o(
sunny1 Posts: 995
Hi fairymommy, you're very close to meeting your little baba (that's if ye havent already met by time you read this) At about 38 and half weeks I was like that, very frequent bowel movements, not loose either but almost every time I went to loo! I went in to be induced at 39 weeks but doc said my body was ready to go and I kindof felt that too. I definitely feel it was a sign for me that my body was getting ready for labour. Best of luck, such an exciting time :)
xx fairy mommy xx Posts: 1833
Thanks sunny1 find that very encouraging! Between the strong braxton hicks, lightning pains, back ache and BMs I feel more than ready to go but unfortunately patience is a virtue I don't have!! If I could only take couple of days at a time time would fly but of course ive already added 2 weeks on to due date as maximum I will be pregnant for so am driving myself mad!! Hospital appointment tomorrow so hopefully will have a similar story to yours! Bet all this seems like a distant memory to you with your little man O-O