Freya & Faye - too similar???

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maisedon Posts: 1394
Hi girls, The name Faye has been going around in my head recently, and so far has been a strong contender if this baba is a little girl.......however my brothers DD, who is almost 1 year old is called Freya. We are very close and would see each other often, so now I'm thinking that maybe the 2 names are too similar for cousins that would spend a lot of time together??? What do you think????
kala Posts: 1937
we called ds2 Ian and it didn't dawn on us that hubbys brother had a son Cian which is very similar- don't think it makes any difference to anyone tbh , just difficult for poor Granny. we just loved the name and went with it
Giant Underpants Posts: 953
Sorry - I voted yes without reading your post properly. I presumed they were siblings. For cousins you can call them what you want, sure they might see each other a lot now, but realistically they will live in different houses, go to different schools, have different friends. Pick whatever name you like, Faye is a beautiful name. I wouldnt worry that its close to your brothers childs. once its not the same name who cares...and honestly even if it wasnt the same name I wouldnt really care!
Babymama12 Posts: 267
I don't think it is too similar. Both are lovely names. Good choice. I am really struggling with names right now O:|
discuss1 Posts: 329
I voted yes but I thought it was for 2 sisters. It's totally ok for niece!! Best of luck!
hils138 Posts: 680
My two cousins (brother and sister) have two girls called Hannah and Anna. :yelrotflmaosmilie:
porshe Posts: 1359
Not at all I think they are both fab names and not too similar at all Faye and Sophie is lovely too :lvs
maisedon Posts: 1394
Thanks all!! The vote is quite close though, and I'm still undecided!! Still another few weeks to decide though!!! :o)ll
neeov Posts: 4256
They are too similar for sisters but for cousins I would not worry too much. They probably don't have the same surname if they ended up in the same class at school anyhow.
missust Posts: 370
i also voted before i read the post and assumed it was for sisters. wouldnt bother me for cousins tho.