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mkb Posts: 1744
as the title says anyone up for a quick Friday Quiz. I'll get going in 5 mins. Ok ladeis, 25 Questions. 1st person to answer gets the point. No googling, I have spies everywhere :)
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Ooh yeah, I'm in!
mkb Posts: 1744
i didnt even need to ask you :o0
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
:-8 :o0
Elphaba Posts: 741
Dammit I'm off in 8 mins! Yahy but Boo!
mkb Posts: 1744
First Question. • 1.What two parts of the body are anagrams of each other?
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
:hyper: I'm never quick enough on the buzzer for these things...
Bazinga T McBinkers Posts: 4718
elbow bowel
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
What???? arse and ears?
mkb Posts: 1744
well done bazinga [quote:3e90wylr]What???? arse and ears?[/quote:3e90wylr] :o0 • A> Elbow and bowel 2. • 2.Which tree’s name features all five vowels and just two other letters?
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