Friend eloped & got you give a gift?

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OOB Posts: 639
Hi Girls, Just looking for your opinion and wisedom..... one of my good friends headed off overseas last week and got married on Sat...nobody knew anything :ooh ..... does anybody know what the etiquette is around giving a wedding gift??? Maybe some of you girls have had a similar experience, what did you do? Thanks
Mml Posts: 453
If its a friend of course ya give a give why wouldnt ya??
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Yup, 100 per cent give a gift, especially if it's a good friend. A good friend of mine is getting married on the other side of the world later this summer and unfortunatley we simply can't afford to go, with saving for our own wedding. Am actually really upset about not being able to make it because I'd really love to be there. I will of course be giving a gift, even though I can't be there. Probably a little more than I usually would to make up for not being there on the day! There's every chance your friend doesn't want gifts and will not expect them at all, but I'd still make a gesture. Even a voucher for a meal for herself and her new hubby.
BlossomHill Posts: 2169
[quote="mml":2279yey4]If its a friend of course ya give a give why wouldnt ya??[/quote:2279yey4] Why wouldn't you give a gift to wish them well. It's doesn't have to be big or expensive but something to mark the occasion like a nice bottle of champagne
PrettyWoman Posts: 1233
Yes if its a good friend I would def give. I'm sure they might have a party celebration when they come home? If its an acquaintance or a work colleague that I'm not close to I wouldn't bother. What to give depends on what you can afford and what you think is appropiate. There is no etiquette as such. I'm sure bride and groom aren't expecting a lot of gifts in anyway so what they get will always be a bonus! Even some champers, but most importantly give a card if you can't afford to give anything else Good for them, I'd say that was a surprise for all the friends and family
BlossomHill Posts: 2169
[quote="OOB":188b84az]does anybody know what the etiquette is around giving a wedding gift???[/quote:188b84az] Why do you need etiquette to give a gift to a friend ?
dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
Why wouldn't you?? +1 I would think that the purpose of a gift is to wish your friend well in married life....
OOB Posts: 639
sorry perhaps I should have expanded alittle you give a gift and if so to what value, the reason I asked the question is that nobody attended the cermony and nobody knew about. Perhaps there are people out there who have had a similar experience and I would be interested to hear what they did
Mml Posts: 453
I really dont think it makes any difference how they got married. They got married thats the main thing. Give an actual gift would be my advise or a voucher not cash. Value of it doesnt matter give what ya can afford or think of things they like & go from there. They will be delighted with anything,fair play to them.x. O:o)
Mml Posts: 453
Oh by the way a girl i know did this they told people beforehand though but didnt want people there. As far as i know everybody close to them marked it some way or another. Maybe you could have a dinner or drinks with a few friends in your house to mark it for them??