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Carmen Posts: 510
I have natural curly hair but it not a nice curly. It goes quite frizzy when it is left natural. I normally use the GHDs on it and i would never leave the house if i didnt have them. But sometimes i just get so sick of having to straighten my hair. Does anybody have any tips on how to tame the frizz :?
Mrs Curly Posts: 499
I've curly hair too and it's a bit of a nuisance at times - but the good thing is that once you find the products that work, managing it is so much easier than straightening it! You need a good shampoo and conditioner - at the mo, I've John Frieda's Brunette moisturising shampoo and conditioner (make sure it's a moisturising conditioner), (Kerastase and Aussie do good ones too) after that I use a tiny amount of the Shine Shock serum from the same range, towel dry it, comb it through with a wide-toothed comb and scrunch in a small blob of the Kerastase Oleo something or other elastic curls stuff (orange tube). If you use too much your hair looks lank and greasy, but the right amount leaves it well tamed and glossy. When it's starting to dry, I use Frizz ease gel and scrunch it again. It sounds like a lot of effort and lots of stuff but it takes about 3 mins after a shower and it works for me (and dries all by itself). The following two days, I just put in a little more Frizz Ease gel and scrunch it in the morning.
Carmen Posts: 510
Sounds like i'll have to get down to Boots ASAP. Thanks for that advice and hopefully i will be walking about with a new curly head soon. People wont recognise me!!
Angelica Posts: 53
the moms Posts: 1427
Carmen Posts: 510
Thanks for all those top tips girls. :D
Ghostbuster Posts: 1268
Hi, I have naturally wavy hair but it gets frizzy because of the weather and my GHD. So I find that the V05 instant rescue conditioner is fabulous!! It's so sleek, soft and shiny afterwards. I recommend it as a quick fix on the day of or day before a special occassion. You can get it in sachets or bottles. xx
nettie07 Posts: 293
hey there, i too have also very curly hair, ive found that using a good moiturising shampoo and conditioner like tresemme or pantene curly, and aplly a dollop of clinique curly hair gel, it is brillant, a bit expensive, but a tube can last up to about 4mths with me and my hair is quite long, also shock waves have a good product which is like a runny wax gel stuff which ivery cheep.
goldilocks Posts: 15
Hey there, another curly here...After washing a drop of the frizz ease serum into the hair followed by either citre shine mousse (boots) or kerastase elasto curl balm and scrunch dry it with a diffuser. And a secret weapon is the kerastase elasto curl conditioner which you’re not supposed to leave in but you can if you just want fab curls for one day….by the 2nd day it goes over greasy and heavy and has to be washed out!
spring10 Posts: 174
Just to let ye know there's a promotion on in Boots for John Frieda & Aussie products, Buy 3 get cheapest free. I've just stocked up :lol: Thanks for all the curling tips!