From Moses basket to crib - baby not settling

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littlesugarloaf Posts: 2000
So at ten weeks old our little boy has outgrown his Moses basket (he'd probably outgrown it a week okay but sometimes mammies find it hard to see their little babies grow up - yes, I know, I'm an idiot!). We had been placing the basket inside the crib (it's a Mothercare glider crib) beside our bed. Last night we put him in a Gro Bag (we had tried him in the Gro bag and crib before and he slept fine) and put him down in the crib but he refused to settle. He wasn't upset, just arms and legs going constantly with lots of noisy mooching. He had his last bottle at 11 and he'd usually sleep until 4 or half past then. Last night he was still mooching loudly and waving arms and legs at 2am. His eyes were closed but he just seemed unhappy with all the space. I'd had enough at that stage and took him out of the Gro bag and brought the Moses basket back in. Tucked him in with his blankies and he was totally settled and asleep within minutes, if not seconds. So does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make him settle better? My mum, of course, thinks we should use blankets instead of the Gro bag and put some around the sides to make him feel cosy. But as far as I know this is against the SIDS guidelines so not an option. Should we just persevere and hope he settled? Just wondering if anyone else had problems going from Moses basket to crib/gro bag? (We haven't got our cot yet as I hope he'll be in the crib for a while yet and there wouldn't be room for it in with us.) Any suggestions appreciated.
MsChat Posts: 270
Swaddling? Try swaddling with arms in first and if that doesn't work then swaddle again but with one arm free.
too soft Posts: 518
I wouldnt swaddle it can cause overheating.Why not try the blankets till he gets used to the crib then introduce the grobag when he is settled,it does take the baby a little bit of time to get used to the new surroundings so i would stick at it once hes not in fits crying then im sure he is fine.Does he take a soother?If it is a case of wrapping the baby it blankets id do it loosely not swaddle. We always used the grobags and baba has always been warm and content so i would introduce it down the line.
MsChat Posts: 270
I meant to swaddle with a proper swaddle cloth, not a blanket.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
You could try putting a pillowcase you've slept on in the crib, folded over and under the mattress at baby's head. The scent might sooth him.
lilytiger Posts: 536
You could try one of those Woombie yokes? Its like a snug sleeping bag for babies so their arems are tucked in beside their bodies. I'd be an advocate of swaddling too, we did it with the gro-swaddles for both DS's and they both loved it. only got to abut 14 weeks with both before they could get out of the blankets and at that stage I put them into the gro bags.