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Dovetail Posts: 293
Agree with wowza, the envelope ones are the easiest. I found the others very fiddly, too many poppers in odd places.
mamajen Posts: 2263
[quote="23Daisy":2ydhdwub]Hey Most vests do not need to be pulled over a babies head. They have envelope necks so that they can be pulled down around the baby. Just make sure they have sleeves/necks like the ones in this link: [url:2ydhdwub],en_IE,pd.html?dwvar_Parent__T780813_color=E4&start=2&cgid=13617202021[/url:2ydhdwub][/quote:2ydhdwub] +1 never had any issues with the envelope ones. I look for tops with envelope necks too
ttc2012 Posts: 661
We got them for DS in Tesco when he was a baby
DM09 Posts: 261
Didnt have these for DS but decided they would have been a great thing when I saw them in Tesco when he was a few months old. Went there to buy them for DD almost a year ago, and couldn't find them in any Tesco I looked in. I bought two long sleeved from Next and two short sleeved from punkin patch in Blanchardstown. Each set of two were about €10 which makes them significantly dearer than normal ones but I think they were worth it in those early days.