Frozen dinners

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Mrs J Posts: 387
Not a very exciting topic but at nearly 37 weeks, I've decided it would do no harm to try to have some meals handy for after the big day and want to have something handy in the freezer. At the minute, I can only think of chilli, spag bol and lasagne. Any one else got any suggestions as to what would freeze well (preferably something other than mince beef). Thanks.
happywife Posts: 1575
How about things like chicken/beef casserole, curry,
charlie crown Posts: 377
Maybe the meat sauce and veg for fahitas? Then you need onl heat the wraps and serve?
ginger nut Posts: 5989
casseroles and stews freeze well. also curries and soups.
Mrs J Posts: 387
Thanks for the suggestions - I just wasn't sure if sauces (like curries or casseroles) would have frozen well but I suppose I may just start cooking while I still can!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
I would suggest you have a look in Marks and Spencers - they have a great range of yummy easy-to-cook meals that can be frozen (usually for a month) - you would definitely find something there. Am planning to stock up there myself.
woltastic Posts: 197
Don't know if you meant for when baby comes home or what. But just a friend had baby (breast fed) and baby was sleeping very badly, really windy for the first few weeks. Turns out she was eating chilli con carne, fahitas and curry...none of which the baby could deal with. SHe ended up going back to quite plain food and babys sleep/wind/numbers 2s improved.
stompy9 Posts: 227
Even very simple chicken casserole freezes well: Chicken pieces, carrots, celery, leeks, onions and chicken (or veg) stock, and some dried herbs - very simple and fine to freeze.
Mrs J Posts: 387
Yes - its for when the baby comes home and we have no time to prepare anything fresh. I'm bearing the M&S option in mind and will probably end up getting the dinners there but trying (in theory at least) to think of slightly more healthy home-cooked options. Thanks for the tip on the spicy food - it was only when I read it, that I remembered my friend having the same problem when breast feeding!