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Ollola Posts: 5
hi there I'm new to all of this and hope you can help me. I normally have a 28 day cycle every month, but I'm now 5 days over due. I did a pregnancy test last night (clear blue) and it turned positive.. sooo happy! Went to the doctors tonight to double confirm and the doctor did two tests, the first one was negative and the second only had a very very very faint line through it. He told me I'd have to wait again until Tuesday and go and test again. I was so stressed out. Now I dunno what the situation is and I have to wait now. Has anyone else gone through this? I thought the preg test could tell straight away on the first day a missed period?
agie Posts: 1107
Hi There As far as I know the digital tests can be taken up to 3 days before you miss your period although I stand to be corrected on this. Your first urine (first thing in the morning ) is the best one to use so try again first thing in the morning.
agie Posts: 1107
sorry forgot to add that the ones that the doctors use arent digital tests ....
oirish Posts: 1541
At this early stage the docs test wouldn't have been as sensitive with evening urine. Test again yourself with first morning pee and you should get your positive again, hopefully by tuesday doc's will be too - their tests apparantly aren't as good as some of the home tests. Best of Luck !
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
I did four tests(i know but wanted to know for definite). I used the OPK first and I got two lines so I tested with Clearblue and it was barely there. The next morning I used first response and two lines. We still could not believe it so we went and bought clearblue digital which said pregnant. I went to the doctor on wednesday and she did a test on my morning urine and said it was negative, she said dont worry these are often wrong as they are not as senstive and she did another and there was a faint line. She also said I have a urinary thract infection that is masking hcg levels. Buy a digital test or first response! At the end of the day a line is a line.
gogglebox Posts: 910
As some of the girls have said, test yourself at home again in the morning. I tested this morning myself with a cheapie eBay test and was horrified to not see it coming up straight away. It came up eventually but was quite faint. I then used one of my other tests and it came up quick enough, but it's still not a really dark line. One thing I saw from that test this morning is that different tests will pick up things in different ways... I had a real fright with my cheapie test this morning and thought it was all over... So... have a test at home and keep an eye on things yourself. Once you know your pg then eventually the dr will be able to pick it up. I reckon I'd have been in the same situation as you - mine don't seem to be registering very dark lines... but they're definitely there when I test at home. A digital test would probably put your mind at rest...?
mum of 2 Posts: 271
hi the very same thing happened to me when preg on my DS the "9" tests i did were all positive but like you my gps test was inconclusive and i had to wait all over the weekend to find out from him that i was actually pregnant. if you have got positive results i would go with that the docs usually use the cheap tests which are not very accurate. to put your mind at ease i would do another clearblue test. HTH
Ollola Posts: 5
Thanks for all your replies girls. I went out and got a digital test, did it there and it says I'm pregnant.. whoo hooo!! I'm not worried about it anymore.
silíní Posts: 4219
Whoopee ololla!!! Congrats!! The positive result is so exciting when you get it isn't it!!?????? :o)ll :o)ll
agie Posts: 1107
really happy that you got the result you wanted :o)ll