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BuzzyBee92 Posts: 142
I really just need to let off some steam and rant on the internet a bit here but this is wedding related and any advice or prayers (if so inclined) would be welcome.... Ok, so we just completed our marriage course which was a bit intense to say the least. The counsellor is actually a family friend to my family...after completing the course he asks us for a chat (a usual thing or so I am assured) after about 2 hours of chatting about other couples he's dealt with borderline abusive relationships (no names but just enough information that things start to click in my own mind!) He gets on to what he's really about....that my finance should really consider converting to Christianity before we get married. Oh ok I didn't know you could do that as I signed up for the whole personal relationship thing but okay if you want to force that on the man that I love....NOT! Polite smile and nod but we got out of there and dismissed it but of course I bumped into him the next day. I tell him how neither of us where ok with what and how he said what he said...summary; I cried openly in my church due to frustration as he didn't seem to listen to me and I got that Implanon thing in my arm so my hormones are Everywhere. Good Christian lady I am I prayed I could forgive him and moved on after addressing with my finance. One stressful week later (due to an avalanche of other little things going wrong).... We think we've got a great deal in an appartment and go to view it today. Find out the last we'd be leasing it from is the MIL of a guy who told my father he shouldn't let his daughter date a non-Christian. Would not shake my finances hand when offered and that look of disaproval, it hurt. So that's a no go cause who wants to throw money into something where you could be in such a negative atmosphere! Grahhhh!!!! I should clarify 80% of my church are decent people, even so far as really lovely but I feel like I'm coming up against the few nuts/bitter individuals too much lately. I have found a fantastic man who loves me and respects me. He deeply cares for me and has only the best intentions. When it comes to religion he does not belittle me but supports me, and although we have a few differences we complement each other so well. I do believe God directed me towards him and supports our marriage, I know marriage is a risk and I could be completely wrong! But I'm 100% totally willing and happy to take it. Just getting closer to wedding date but don't know where we'll be living, have an exam in January, still have a few more wedding things to do, stressful college in work and now this! Being personally attacked by my church family! He's told me that he feels attacked and feels uncomfortably being in my church. Today was just a tip over the edge for him ... suprised he still even wants to marry me. And although im half tempted not to go to church tonortow he's convinced me that i should because its important to me and i shoukdnt let anyone push me out. I should maybe wear a warning though cause I'll be on a war path....
Mrs-C-to-be Posts: 71
Sorry to hear you're going through this. He sounds like a great guy and very supportive and he's right, you shouldn't let the church push you away, and equally he shouldn't be forced into something he doesn't believe in. I've never understood the hypocrisy of so many "Christians" - the bible preaches about being a good person, and forgiveness but the most religious people I know are some of the most judgemental, unkind people. Just keep doing what you're doing, you have your faith and you have eachother, don't mind what anyone else thinks :)
BuzzyBee92 Posts: 142
Hey thanks for your reply. He is great and I don't doubt that I just don't know why all these people are jumping out of the woodwork so close to our wedding to say "oh you shouldn't date a non-Christian" and trying to force their ideology on him (which is actually very different to my own it seems) *Sigh* Not looking forward to telling the lady with the apartment that we have to reject her offer. We'll be staying with his MIL it seems which is not how I wanted to start married life....but it's still better than the alternative, at least it won't be a hostile environment where H2B feels attacked or pushed :( AND did not go to Church yesterday! Stayed at home to binge clean and bake in the morning instead.