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CocoBeans Posts: 841
I just called Mamas and Papas wondering where my order is, I ordered a nursery set back in October. It was supposed to be delivered by the end of November but when I rang, they said mid-December, I rang again today and at first she says 29th Dec and then it’s like, oh no it will be the 13th/14th of Jan BUT she can’t guarantee that it will come then. No apologies, just well there’s nothing I can do O:| I don’t know if I should cancel the order and look elsewhere (as she suggested), I’ve brought the rest of the nursery to match this blinking dark wood cot. If I wait till mid Jan and it doesn’t come, I’ll only have 4 weeks to get a nursery (A lot of them have delivery wait times). I have my nephew coming for Christmas and I was hoping he could sleep in the cot. I don’t know if it’s the hormones but I’m raging. This nursery is costing us close to €2000 and I expected better service >:o( >:o( >:o(
BallerinaBride09 Posts: 610
I have always found Mamas and Papas service pretty poor. Why don't you call BellaBaby? We got our M&P furniture set from them. It was about 15-20% cheaper (they negotiated with me where M&P wouldn't) and it arrived in 3 days.
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
They've such a bad rep for customer service- if you go on their UK FB page it's full of people complaining- similar to what's happening with you. We're going to get our nursery stuff from them too but I know we better order soon with the way they are. It's not acceptable, did you ask to speak to a manager? Put it on their FB page- as it's visible to the public they may be quicker to get things resolved. Did you go for the ocean range?
amberjack Posts: 1273
I ordered stuff off them recently and it took weeks to arrive. I also had another issue with them as I exchanged a baby outfit in Blanch (bought at full price in Arnotts branch, with the gift receipt) and as there was a sale on, they would only refund the sale price. Fair enough if I had no receipt, but I did and it was at full price - cheeky feckers!
jen2 Posts: 3106
See can you get cot from bellababy. Before you cancel from them. Of there are other online stores too.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I would cancel & go elsewhere - that's a serious amount of money you're spending so I wouldn't reward their bad customer service & order times with your custom!
mamabrod Posts: 830
Girls just out of interest can you go to mamas and papas and buy furniture and take it home there and then or do u have to wait for delivery? like even for smaller items? To the OP, i would cancel if i were you and write a letter of complaint, sounds ludicrous that you would be waiting that long....
pag Posts: 633
Broodylicious, depends on the item.. We bought cotbed, mattress and cot top changer in Mamas and Papas and the only thing they had to order in was the changer - we could have taken the cotbed and mattress home with us immediately. DH didn't want to get it that early so we collected the items about four weeks later.
mamabrod Posts: 830
Thanks a million Pag, will go have a look so! :) what set did u get do u mind me asking?
pag Posts: 633
We went for the Manhattan cotbed. Also got crib there and collected that immediately as was buying quite late. I didn't bother with any other nursery furniture - got chest of drawers in Ikea and then a second bar for the wardrobe for clothes so could use the built in wardrobe.