fundal height measuring above average

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mummytime Posts: 3149
I was measuring 40 cm at 34 + 5 yesterday. Midwife is sending me for a scan. She thinks its due to above average fluid rather than a big baby. No other signs of gest. diabities. Have been measurin 3 cm ahead since 28 weeks but the gap is increasing. Anyone any expeeiences of this? Trying to figure out what this could mean. Thanks
mummytime Posts: 3149
theoracle Posts: 7664
It could mean as little as her not being very good with the measuring tape! They have all but abandonded this method of measurement because of the high margin for error, so I wouldnt spare it any thought for now until you have your scan and see what is what. Maybe you are having a lot of fluid or maybe you are having a big baby and maybe you are not. This is nothing reliable and carved in stone facts to base any speculation on, so I would recommend that you do not drive yourself potty trying to google stuff and so on. I know sometimes it is hard not to let the imagination run wild, but for now at least, there is nothing to worry about.
mummytime Posts: 3149
Thanks for taking the time to reply :thnk I have been measuring 3cms ahead since week 28 however the gap widended to 5 cms last week. The same midwife has been performing all the measurements and I do feel its likely to be extra fluid than a big baby You are right of course , that these measurements in themselves do not prove anything and I will have to wait and see what the scan reveals. The scan is this afternoon so not too much longer to wait. This peganancy was conceived after two early miscarraiges and I was beeding for the first 16 weeks so worry is inevitable but hopefully unwarranted.