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hattiedee Posts: 358
Hi just wondering if any of our bespectacled wollies would know of a good place in Dublin to buy cool funky glasses. I always go for a safe, boring pairs and am sick of them! I usually go to Specsavers and the price seems to double when I suggest the chunky frames cos one of my eyes is -4.5 and would need to be thinned down. However I'm determined now and would rather pay more for one amazing pair than have a crappy spare! So any wollies out there that are into their specs and know where to go, let me know!!! :wv
ohsotired Posts: 7071
I don't wear glasses but this place is supposed to be good They do good designer pairs!
disney08 Posts: 575
I've also gotten tired of Specsavers too, I've never found them very helpful tbh. I got glasses in Supersavers Opticians (Talbot Street/corner of Gardiner St) and the staff were very helpful in suggesting lots of frames to suit me...think I was nearly an hour in the shop!! They also had a really good selection of designer and kinda funky frames *) It was a far cry from the last time I asked for advice re frames in Specsavers - I got looked at funny and was told to "pick whatever you like".
MrsAH Posts: 3715
Got mine in The Rathmines Eye Centre. Lovely Prada ones. They have a good selction of designer frames which are more on the funky side.
jamjars Posts: 1721
Oh I'm a huge fan of the specsavers ones!! Got both these pairs (2 for price of 1) a few months ago for like €180ish... and they now throw in the scratch resistant for free! :o)ll [img:o8d951ed][/img:o8d951ed] [img:o8d951ed][/img:o8d951ed]
hattiedee Posts: 358
Thanks everybody! :compress
MrsBraxton Posts: 4662
If you're going to Specsavers check with them if they're getting new styles in anytime soon. When I was there the last time was looking and couldn't find too many styles I liked and girl in shop said later that week they were getting loads of new frames in and maybe to call back. Went back over and the new ones were way better! Can't beat Specsavers for value and don't mind changing my frames every 2 years when they're not costing me a bomb! I got my free 2nd pair with sunglass lenses put in and keep them in the car for when I'm driving.