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Marchgirl Posts: 12
Just wondering how much weight you have put in your first trimester? I’m 11 weeks this Thursday and I have put on 5pounds already! I’m quite small myself and would always be around 8stone2. Now I know my diet has been absolutely disgraceful since I found out. I crave sugar so much and I just love chocolate and Taytos. I am eating fruit and veg and trying to have good dinners but my appetite has just gone all over the place. I’m eating two many Chinese two many McDonalds and two many pizzas!! I know its prob a bit late now but I’m determined to start healthy this week. I bought Rice Cakes yesterday so I’m going to substitute one of them a day instead of taytos and chocolate and see how that goes!! Anyone else in this situation? Thanks in advance O:o)
fumoir2009 Posts: 367
Hey march girl Im exactly the same as you- im eating good but then eating 100 more in bad stuff, I cant help it choco, crisps , Md Ds..cant get eough. I am sterting week 37 today and have put on over 3 1/2 stone! Like you I was below 8 starting out and am small but the weight is def a combination of eating loads + baby. I decided not to worry too much, yes once I ahve baby it will take me a few months ot get off the weight i put on over eating too muhc but I will get there as I am usually determined that way. The hjospials and Doc havent commented on my weight gain ...I think when you are smaller to start out with you will put on more anyway It would nbe better to contain it...for me its too late but im not focued on that....just enjoying it since I have an excuse ish! My only fears is that baby would be bigger as a result....but I ahve been told thats not the case! And babys health would be affected in some way....but not 100% sure
Marchgirl Posts: 12
Hi Funoir2009, I’m kind of glad someone else is the same as me  That was my attitude aswell but then I started reading books and it just goes on so much about eating healthy and looking after yourself etc. but like you I know I will loose it after the baby is born. I was so good when I got married last year so I know I can do it. But at the moment I am just so hungry all the time and when you’re working and tired and pregnant it’s hard to eat the right foods all the time. Imp rob just making excuses for myself at this stage  That was fear also about baby being big but that’s great now. Anyway as you said I will try contain it.
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
You would be better off snacking on brazil nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds or other similar nuts than rice cakes. The trick is to avoid empty calories. Those kind of nuts, or else some fruit if you're tired of nuts, will fill you up much faster so you will be less inclined to snack. If you are making your calories count and eating wholegrain breads and crackers, fruit, nuts, vegetables, even fruit and veg juices and smoothies, these sort of things will satisfy you much more and leave you less likely to snack, but they also mean that you will be well provided with good nutrition and be healthier for the later stages of pregnancy. Because I'm having twins I've been reading a lot about diet for twins and I've discovered that diet and nutrition is particularly important for twin pregnancies and a good diet can help to reduce the risk of preterm labour and low birth weights, really makes one want to do it right. Hope some of that gives you some ideas anyway.
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
[quote="Bumpfor2011":1kqs3cvq]You would be better off snacking on brazil nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds or other similar nuts than rice cakes. The trick is to avoid empty calories. Those kind of nuts, or else some fruit if you're tired of nuts, will fill you up much faster so you will be less inclined to snack.[/quote:1kqs3cvq] It is advised to stay away from nuts in pregnancy incase babs has an allergy
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
That's no longer the advice actually. The advice is to stay away from PEAnuts IF you or your partner suffers from allergies. If you aren't allergic to nuts then they are a very good source of meat free protein and extremely good for you. There is no reason why you should avoid them during pregnancy. There was some research at one point that suggested that there could be a higher rate of nut allergies from eating nuts in pregnancy, but it is no longer considered the case. To be honest if you set out to prove something with research you can with almost anything, if it really were the case then humans would have died out from nut allergies long ago.
lolly2010 Posts: 707
I was the same as you[color=#FF0000:2irbjpu3] fumoir2009[/color:2irbjpu3] on my 1st pregnancy with my daughter i gained that much. Now im 23 weeks on 2nd and im down 5 pounds since i got pregnant, weird i know, i not starving or anything (the opposite really :-8 ) but still down, bump is HUGE doe and doctor said alls ok, so thats the main thing really.
Bunnybaby Posts: 2701
well i was 11st 4lb when i got my bfp and with morning sickness i lost 6lb and i've put some of that back on but im weighing in now at 11st 3lb and its been like that for the last 6 weeks so im happy im not gaining but slightly worried in one sense that I should be, i did say it to gp and he said not to worry about it... *)
Trafford Posts: 463
It is not easier to eat badly than to eat healthily, so don't get yourself into the habit of thinking like that. If you don't have bad food near you then you can't eat it, can you? Load up on fruit, nuts, yoghurts etc, next time you're shopping, and carry them around with you to snack on when you need to. Your cravings will go if you don't give into them, trust me. I longed for sweet things from time to time too, but just imagined myself fat and that killed them off :o0 I had the very odd 7up Free to satisfy the sweet cravings instead (about once a fortnight or less often), and enjoyed a treat once or twice a week too, like a muffin, biscuit etc. You will regret allowing yourself gain unncessary weight and just think of how little benefit the bad food is for you and your baby. That should keep you focused. I was 8 stone 2 pre-pregnancy too. I'm 35 weeks now and up 14 lbs, most of which can be attributed to the baby, placenta, fluid etc. You only need 7 lbs of fat stores to provide the extra energy you'll need, so anything else on your small frame will more than likely cause joint pain, fatigue, extra pressure on your organs etc, which will lead to a less enjoyable pregnancy.
twinkle30 Posts: 155
i have been eating pretty much what i like; now i am concious about eating fruit/veg and eat healthy but i have had my breakouts on the wkends with the chipper etc. Im up a few pounds which i know is more to do with my eating than the baby. I have always battled my weight and i hate to say it but it has been kinda nice to be able to relax about what im eating... i think if you can strike the balance right in that if you try to eat well 80% of the time and the other 20% being bold it cant be too bad.....