galfer fa and sanatogen pro natal?

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shining star Posts: 877
Hi girls, just wondering, I finished my folic acid this weekend and have been told to start Galfer fa in 2 weeks time. Is it ok if I take Sanatogen Pro natal at the same time as the Galfer Fa? Is it beneficial? Thanks!
newly_wed Posts: 1039
ok newed, Firstly I asked my consultant about this very topic just today as I have been taking Sanatogen Pronatal throughout my pregnancy and now want to start on Galfer. My consultant said it was fine to take them both if I wanted, as the amount of iron in the Pronatal was not that much and I wouldn't be overdosing on it or anything, but he also said if I had a fairly good diet and taking the Galfer, then that should be sufficient, as it'll be the iron that really makes the difference at this stage of my pregnancy.. By the way, are your iron levels low? I am 32+ weeks and my consultant had advised me not to start on the Galfer til the 30 week mark as he said at that stage I would start getting very tired (and he was right) and would really need it then, that unless iron levels were low there was no need to be taking it earlier in pregnancy.
shining star Posts: 877
hi newly-wed, thanks a mill for your reply. My gynae didn't do a blood test at my visit, he just said to start taking Galfer FA at 16 weeks, thought that was strange but read on here that alot of docs prescribe it with out tests. I take a multi-v and iron all the time anyway cos I have been low in iron before, years ago and that keeps it at a good level so I'll just swop that for the Galfer fa I think. I might skip the sanatogen so, or take it a few times a week or something. Thanks again!