Galfer FA before 12 wks?

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lucyloo32 Posts: 957
Im just back from the pharmacy some 20 mins drive away. i went in to get some folic acid and the pharmacist said i should be taking Galfer FA because it has the added iron supplement. When i got home i had a quick read of the back of the pack and it says 'to be taken after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and one month after birth', then on the inside of the pamphlet it says 'not to be taken in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy unless advised by a doctor'. So do i trust that the pharmacist knows best? or not take it on the change she doenst really know the product?
cosy toes Posts: 38
I was told by doc to take it from week 15. She didn'ty check my iron. I think it's just a general rule! I don't think you are supposed to take it before then unless your doc says so! HTH
Diddums2 Posts: 106
I think they don't recommend taking iron in the first twelve weeks because it is hard on the stomach and can aggravate nausea and morning sickness. I started taking it at 9 weeks this time round as I was totally exhausted and recognised this was iron-related from my last pregnancy - my blood tests came back very low so I ended up taking it all the way through (from 12 weeks) last time. I told the consultant that I started taking it at 9 weeks and he had no problem with that so the 12 week restriction must not be a safety issue. If I were you though I would just take folic acid for now and wait for your blood results to come back - you may not even need any extra iron.
lucyloo32 Posts: 957
Thanks for the responses girls. I ended up driving all the way back to the pharmacy (in disgust)but suprise suprise the same woman wasnt there! anyhow, i asked the guy that was there and she said under no circumstances should i take it UNLESS specifically instructed to do so by my doctor after bloodworks. Fair annoyed, and so was the male pharmacist. i detect tension in the workplace :o0 :o0 :o0
Lovemyboy Posts: 641
Ya I was going to say not to take before 12 wks defo unless told by doc!! X