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Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Hi girls It was recommended that i take some Iron as it was a little low. Doc said if i can tolerate it, nurse said the same, funny I just bought Galfer today and after taking just one i feel so sick after it, i took it with orange juice and im trying to drink loads of water to flush it out of my system, did this ever happen to anyone else and how long will i feel sick for? thanks in advance! :thnk
madhatter Posts: 212
Vitamin C in the orange juice increases its absorption so that is good but take it with some food, while it will slow down its absorption it will stop you feeling nauseous. If you start to get constipated after a while of taking it take it every second day instead and you should have no problems and still be able to keep your iron levels high and avoid those dreaded injections. Good luck with your pregnancy!
newone Posts: 1714
How far along are you in your pregnancy? My GP told me to start taking Galfer too at week 7 as my iron was slightly low. But it was making me feel sick and I mentioned this at my hospital appointment the following week and they told me there that they don't recommend it til after week 14,because it makes a lot of people feel miserable, unless your iron is v.low (which mine wasn't). Some of the girls on here mentioned some other iron supplements - is it spatone? - that are easier on your system. But you should check with your GP before switching.
madhatter Posts: 212
Iron shouldn't be taken in the first tri mester unless you really need it. Spatone doesn't have as high a quantity of iron per sachet as galfer or ferrograd have. So if you need iron you are better taking the galfer.
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
sorry girls im actually in 3rd trimester and i didn't need Iron at all until now, my doc doesn't recommend it at all in preg (unless really needed) it was only at my last scan that nurse and doc said it wouldn't do any harm as it was a little low, im going to take one every 2nd day see how i get on..thanks
chicam Posts: 1169
I agree about taking Galfer with OJ - I found the best OJ to take it with was OJ with the bits in it, I found that the bits disguised the taste and after taste a lot better than smooth juice.
montblanc Posts: 385
Can I ask what Galfer is? Is it a tablet or a sachet that you put in your orange juice. I'm not great with taking tablets.
madhatter Posts: 212
Galfer is an iron capsule. You could pop them open and there is brown powder inside that you could mix with orange juice or yogurt or something if you don't like tablets
montblanc Posts: 385
Thanks madhatter, that's a good idea!
alton Posts: 3077
I can't tolerate OJ at the moment - it's like having morning sickness all over again. I'm taking Ferrograd C, which has vit C as well as iron in the tablet and I find it great. No nausea or constipation so far. But again, check with your doctor before switching.